Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscope, Wednesday, August 4

Western Astrology

The universe has been changing the terrain for you in recent days, Aries. Wednesday’s skies make it easy to embrace a sense of optimism and stillness, as the thoughtful Gemini moon aligns with faith-instilling Jupiter.

Don’t be afraid to dream big today, Taurus. The moon’s presence in versatile Gemini sends your focus toward your abilities and talents, while her smooth link with capable Jupiter makes it easy to broadcast your skills on a larger platform.

It’s all too easy for you to get lost in your own mental busy state, Gemini. Wednesday’s skies work to ground you down to foster a deeper self-awareness and respect for your health and body.

Tune-out to tune-in today, Cancer. The moon’s presence in heady Gemini sends your focus towards hazy visions full of fantasy and feeling, which is exactly where you need to be as you cultivate rest and recuperation.

Honor your mood changes today, Leo. The moon spends the first part of the day trekking through playful Gemini and forming a supportive connection with visionary Jupiter, making it an ideal day to enter into mutual supportive collaborations with go big or go home energy.

Don’t be shy about making bold moves on the career front today, Virgo. All eyes are on your career trajectory, as the versatile Gemini moon sweetly aligns with visionary Jupiter.

Think big under Wednesday’s skies, Libra. You’re hungry for self-expansion into new territories, and the fact-collecting Gemini moon’s sweet connection with optimistic Jupiter can help you get there.

It’s easy to make strides today, Scorpio. The reflective Gemini moon’s smooth alignment with optimistic Jupiter makes it easy to form powerful intimate bonds and to heal any unsettled family connections.

The cosmos are making it easy to express your partnership needs today, Sagittarius. Whether that be in a romantic relationship or business collaboration, it’s easy to make your case known and get your story out there smoothly.

Hit the ground running today, Capricorn. This week has already offered you your fair share of shake-ups and changes. Fortunately, Wednesday’s skies make it easy to get back on track, as the versatile Gemini moon aligns with dream-big Jupiter.

Don’t miss out on your chance to shine today, Aquarius. The talent-juggling Gemini moon forms a supportive connection with visionary Jupiter in your sign today, boosting your self-expression and putting your abilities on a stage of their own.

The pieces are beginning to fall into place today, Pisces. You just have to be willing to acknowledge the healing happening on the home front, as the thoughtful Gemini moon sweetly aligns with your ruler, visionary Jupiter.

Chinese Horoscopes

You’ll multiply your outings and amusements; far from you is the idea to withdraw into yourself! Affectionate relationships with your friends, on whom you can count without a risk of being disappointed, Rat.

Snake, you will have to dispel some doubts, some inhibitions or a certain lack of self-assurance if you want to succeed in your chosen field.

Think over more than twice before embarking on a stable union, for your character will be changing these days and you will not know exactly what you want, Dragon.

Careerwise, your ambition can be a factor of success, Tiger, if you don’t let yourself be overtaken by misguided self-pride.

In your career, the situation will finally ease off completely and you can now forge ahead, Rabbit. You’ll be in a position to bring a first-rate project to a successful conclusion, and this might have major repercussions on your future.

If you work in association or in a team, your partners may be given a rough time; Horse, you’ll try to impose your will, but the resistances will be strong and there may be risks of disputes.

Your health will be good on the whole, but allow for some small problems in the lumbar region, Monkey.

You must beware of exaggerations that you might be led to commit in all domains, Rooster. However, on the whole, the prospects for your future will remain good.

Don’t try to get ahead of schedule; put your affairs into due order first. Conjugal understanding will be upset by a climate of tension and misapprehension, Dog.

These astral aspects will favor amorous friendships, tender and intellectualized relationships. You’ll be happy and relaxed, enjoying without ulterior motive the happiness that will offer itself to you, sometimes in an unusual manner, Pig.

You will get great satisfactions in your work if you know how to properly organize yourself. Ox, you may have trouble with your banker; take steps to prevent this by making strict savings.

Do not look at your future with trepidation; if you show magnanimity, good luck will always be with you, Sheep.

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