Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscope, Tuesday, August 3

Western Astrology

The universe has been pushing you to become painfully clear about your direction, Aries. Tuesday’s skies double down on that narrative, as messenger Mercury locks into an unsettling encounter with breakthrough Uranus

.As a Taurus, it’s not always easy for you to let your feelings flow freely. Tuesday’s skies loosen you up emotionally, as the mentally-sharp Gemini moon squares off with your ruling planet, lover Venus.

Gemini people are born with a naturally restless buzz about them. Beneath Tuesday’s skies, it feels like that electric energy is dialed all the way up.

You’re likely to be wrestling with some mental tensions today, Cancer. The moon’s presence in dualistic Gemini has you seeing all sides of the story, but her square with bond-building Venus can make it difficult to speak up about what you really need.

It’s no surprise to you that your career has been in a state of flux, Leo. You’ve been carving a path forward, regardless of the resistance you’ve been facing.

As a Virgo, you’re born with a mind that runs a mile a minute. You may feel as if your brain is operating on overdrive today, as your ruling planet, story-telling Mercury, butts heads with change-demanding Uranus.

The universe is pushing you to explore new terrain in your close relationships, Libra. That narrative is pushed further along today, as mental Mercury squares off with change-demanding Uranus.

This time of year has you pushing ahead tirelessly, Scorpio. Embrace the moment away from the noise today, as the thoughtful Gemini moon squares off with bond-building Venus.

Keep on stretching yourself, Sagittarius. This time of year encourages you to push yourself beyond your own limits.

The universe has been actively trying to help you explore romance in a new light, Capricorn. Tuesday’s skies hone in on this story, as communication-hungry Mercury squares off with breakthrough-bringing Uranus.

Look to your close relationships today, Aquarius. Important conversations and changes of plan in that arena are required for forward movement, as mental Mercury squares off with electric Uranus today.

This time of year sends all your focus to your craft, Pisces. Today’s square between news-bringer Mercury and change-demanding Uranus is likely to bring fresh insights or change of plan to current workflow.

Chinese Horoscopes

Clashes with certain persons in your close circle might take place, but do not worry, as they will not be of consequence, Rat.

Snake, the humdrum of everyday life will seem profoundly boring to you. This feeling of monotony will be dangerous as it might incite you to flee from routine by more or less foolish means.

This astral environment will reinforce the need for many natives of the sign to reflect calmly, calculatingly and patiently elaborating strategies or laying down plans for the future, Dragon.

Some changes on the family or professional front will prove indispensable, and you cannot shirk them. Tiger, discuss your problems with competent people and follow their counsel.

You will have a very busy schedule, Rabbit: There will be no lack of work and you will indulge with zeal in sentimental ventures or financial deals.

You will have the possibility to enforce certain of your ideas thanks to your increased determination, Horse. Beware of your rather impulsive behavior, as it might get you into useless difficulties.

If you live as a couple, the ties that bind you two will be more solid than ever. Also, it will be in your interest to let your spouse act as they like, and to intervene as little as possible in the decisions concerning your home, Monkey.

You can look forward to happy moments and intense satisfactions in the sexual field. Rooster, having contradictory desires, you will have difficulty adhering to a definite behavior line; in your private or professional life, you will want both change and security at the same time.

Dog, you’ll have the impression that all the world’s miseries fall upon you at the same time! You’ll clash with certain coworkers, and the family environment will not be perfect!

Guard yourself against impulses that will induce you to talk too much about your ideas or your problems, Pig.

Try not to give in to carelessness, muddling or discouragement if certain of your undertakings do not meet with success according to your desires, Ox.

Do not look at your future with trepidation, Sheep; if you show magnanimity, good luck will always be with you. You will need a lot of proteins today; you can find them, for example, in yogurt and nonfat cheese.

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