Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscope, Monday, August 2

Western Astrology

Don’t expect to sit still under Monday’s skies, Aries. There are places to go and people to meet as the moon cruises into socially-suave Gemini.

Embrace the excitement you’re feeling under Monday’s skies, Taurus.

Your ruling planet, bond-building Venus, locks into a supportive alignment with stagnation-breaking Uranus.

Tend to your own wellbeing beneath Monday’s skies, Gemini. The nurturing moon saunters into your sign, sending its supportive focus towards your health and physical body.

Feel free to hide away in your private shell, Cancer. The moon wanders into reflective Gemini, compelling you to cancel plans and keep to yourself.

Don’t expect to keep all to yourself today, Leo. You’re looking to rejoin your community and form connections with your people, as the moon cruises into social-butterfly Gemini.

You’ve got your sights set on your career today, Virgo. Luna’s presence in multi-talented Gemini allows you ample space to push ahead with reputation-enhancing projects.

The universe is urging you to embrace relationship changes today, Libra. Your ruling planet, bond-building Venus, forms a supportive connection with invigorating Uranus.

Keep it low key today, Scorpio. Your tolerance for superficial interactions is running low, as the moon bounces into reflective Gemini.

Direct your focus toward the intimate partnerships in your world, Sagittarius. The universe is nudging you to take a closer look at them today, as the moon prances into your opposite sign of playful Gemini.

You’re ready to hit the ground running today, Capricorn. You’re likely to wrestle with some tension between your day job and dream job, as the giddy Gemini moon squares off with irritable Mars.

Monday’s skies encourage you to seek out play and pleasure, Aquarius. Even if that’s not a possibility, aim to save your more laborious workloads for later in the week.

Monday’s skies summon you homeward, Pisces. The moon drifts through mentally-sharp Gemini, turning your attention towards family connections and the state of your living space.

Chinese Horoscopes

You’ll suddenly feel anguished about your love affairs; if you succeed in controlling your emotions, you’ll realize that things can straighten themselves out, Rat.

Snake, you may be subject to diffuse, unidentifiable fears that threaten to discourage you; in order to dispel these, try to have a detached, objective view of your current difficulties.

You’ll want to have everything immediately, whether to get a social promotion or to win the heart of a charming person, Dragon.

Thanks to this dynamic astral environment, you’ll feel in full possession of your capacities, Tiger. You can carry out delicate negotiations successfully, enter into fruitful agreements, or solve some thorny problems superbly.

Living as a couple, you should be careful not to dominate your spouse in some way or another; Rabbit, remember that love is cooperation, not competition.

Swamped by your emotions and feelings, you may have difficulty being objective in your views and dealings, Horse; you’ll mostly follow your intuition, which, at any rate, will reveal to be a rather good thing.

A simple friendship may begin to take on an amorous character. The love relationships of all natives of the sign will have an opportunity to improve, Monkey.

Rooster, the stars will remind you that material well-being is only the last and the least component of true happiness.

This astral climate is apt to incline you to nervousness, migraines, or fits of anger, Dog; to prevent all this, try to get more rest and to avoid stressful or conflictual situations, and, above all, make use of a good sense of humor.

You’ll feel optimistic, dynamic, and enterprising thanks to your superb physical and mental shape. Everything will smile to you and nothing seems impossible or inaccessible to you, Pig.

Ox, this astral atmosphere will render you overindulgent and naive; be careful so as not to let others disappoint or abuse you in some way or another; beware not only of your adversaries or enemies but also of certain best friends.

You’ll have great chances to do your work in particularly favorable conditions; Sheep, if you’re looking for a good associate, you’ll find them at this time.

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