Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscope, July 31, 2021

Western Astrology

This time of year is all about learning to shine on your own stage, Aries. Leo season encourages you to fine-tune your creative abilities and put yourself out there romantically.

You’re hard to locate this time of year, Taurus (as you should be, since Leo season encourages you to withdraw into your family unit and shore up your family foundations).

As a Gemini, you thrive on gathering facts and asking questions. All of that data is important and fuels your understanding of life, but it eventually clutters your mind and obscures your real vision.

You’re coming back to basics this time of year, Cancer. Leo season is all about shoring up your self-confidence and reconnecting you with your inherent talents and skills.

This is your time to shine, Leo. Even if you don’t feel like you’re quiet at masterpiece level, know that you’re fully on your way.

You’re hidden away in a quiet cave this time of year, Virgo. Let yourself pull away and shed what needs to be let go of.

It’s important for you to find your sense of community, Libra. This time of year is all about exploring your friendships and defining your circle accordingly.

This time of year has you reaching for the stars, Scorpio. You’re at peak visibility and are fearlessly charging towards your goals.

You’re stretching yourself like never before, Sagittarius. For you, Leo season is all about learning how to dream the dream and step out of your comfort zone—and you’ve been doing just that.

This isn’t always the easiest time of year for you, Capricorn. If you’re feeling heavy and like you’re trudging through the darkness, keep going.

As an Aquarius, it’s not always easy for you to immerse yourself in intimacy; you honor space and independence in close relationships.

This time of year tends to be your busiest, Pisces. Leo season has you immersed in your workflow and reminds you to form a stronger relationship with your health.

Chinese Horoscopes

Time will work for you; profit by it to hatch out projects that demand much attention to detail and patience, Rat.

Make a small effort at being more sociable and open; you’ll win in this way, Snake. If you reduce your consumption of coffee, you’ll certainly fare much better.

A day marked with brilliant successes but also with sudden reversals of situation. Dragon, don’t commit the sin of having an excess of confidence, stubbornness or self-pride.

This time, you’ll perhaps receive a promotion or distinction, and new proposals may also be made to you. Tiger, the stars will incite you to get rid of certain useless scruples that impede your progress.

In your work, be ready to seize the good opportunities that will present themselves. Rabbit, you’ll meet the person you’ve been wanting to talk to for a long time.

Horse, a day marked with unexpected or brutal reversals of situation in the social as well as professional or sentimental field.

Sparkling health; you’ll even seem invulnerable to all microbes and viruses. A very favorable day for projects of union, durable engagement and, concerning singles, for a deciding encounter, Monkey.

A little bit of the blues; do yourself a favor and try to change your ideas. Rooster, if you feel stressed or too often tired, make a good cure of vitamins.

You’ll obtain satisfactions in many fields, particularly in love and work. You’ll be at the top of your physical form, but remain prudent in order to avoid tendinitis or muscle strain, Dog.

Risks of nervous troubles with direct consequences on the function of the digestive system, Pig. Diligently cultivate your sense of humor.

Ox, you can sensibly develop and strengthen your financial situation. Refrain from your tendency to dream of a hypothetical future you imagine to be radiant.

Great amorous happiness, Sheep: Established couples will recover their passion, and other lovers will form happy and beneficial prospects for the future.

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