Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscopes, Friday, July 30

Western Astrology

Get back into your body today, Aries. The moon’s presence in your sign works to channel your attention back towards your individual and independent needs.

The universe is encouraging you to pump the brakes today, Taurus. Your ruling planet, bond-building Venus, locks into an adjustment-demanding aspect with responsible Saturn.

You need your people today, Gemini. Your extroverted Twin is wanting to shine and seek action, as the moon bounces through excitable Aries.

Reach for the stars with your ambitions, Cancer. The enthusiastic Aries moon has you contemplating your next big move or considering course corrections around your vision.

Lean into your need for self-expansion today, Leo. You’re tiring of the same old obligations, so aim to cultivate a new vision.

As a Virgo, it can be hard for you to recognize when to slow down. Let the universe provide a helpful reminder today, as the self-interested Aries moon prompts you to withdraw and prioritize healing and therapeutic measures.

Send your focus to your close relationships today, Libra. Your ruling planet, harmony-seeking Venus, finds herself in a stifling contact with serious Saturn.

You’re ready to take care of business today, Scorpio. The initiative-hungry Aries moon encourages you to charge ahead towards your to-do list and to create a sense of order and structure.

Pleasure before productivity is key today, Sagittarius. The enthusiastic Aries moon encourages you to find a stage of your own and shine up on it unabashedly.

Where is home for you these days, Capricorn? The universe is nudging you to take a deeper look at your roots, as the moon roams through action-taking Aries.

It may feel hard to relate to those around you today, Aquarius. Your ruling planet, stoic Saturn, receives a disgruntled visit from bond-building Venus.

You’re primed for productive action under Friday’s skies, Pisces. The eager Aries moon encourages you to bring your skills to life and make use of your abilities.

Chinese Horoscopes

Your romantic character will make you embark on an emotional relationship without ulterior motives and without prerequisites; you will indulge in it entirely and will put all your heart into it, Rat.

Snake, you will be more taciturn than usual and prone to see things only under your very personal light.

Expect some delays or dissatisfactions in the realization of your professional projects, Dragon.

Tiger, you will manage your finances with efficiency and will find a good solution to your money problems today.

You’ll feel besieged by a friend who overwhelms you with their counsels, Rabbit; gently refuse to let them continue to do it, for counselors are not payers!

The support of your friends will prove very precious; you can count on their help, their faithfulness, Horse.

You will show a powerful desire to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in your home, and you will not allow certain problems to continue and worsen, Monkey.

Rooster, in your career, unexpected events are more than probable, but beware of the temptation of discouragement, which might incite a hasty and thoughtless resignation.

You are set to enjoy unusual dynamism that will render you very active and courageous. Dog, all routine work will be richly rewarded at this time; that said, speculative endeavors will not be favored.

Many things, whether positive or unpleasant, can happen at this time. You’ll be supported when you want to opt for change or make decisions, Pig; but you’ll be perturbed when it comes to your sentimental life, to the affairs of your heart.

The moment would be ill-advised to invest all your savings in the stock market, Ox.

Rivalries in business may agitate your professional life; don’t react inopportunely and violently to the maneuvers of your competitors, Sheep.

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