Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscopes, Tuesday, July 27

Western Astrology

Spend some more time in your cozy cocoon today, Aries. The ethereal Pisces moon merges with blissed out Neptune, making for a richly creative, non-realistic day.

Reality is hard to locate under Tuesday’s skies, Taurus. The dreamy Pisces moon spends the day locked in Neptune’s mysterious embrace.

As a Gemini, you seek guidance from the wing-footed messenger planet, Mercury. Tuesday’s skies find Mercury departing from Cancer’s weepy waters in search of warmer prairies, helping you finalize any stories around self-confidence and financial concern.

It’s easy to get lost in a fog of fantasy beneath Tuesday’s skies, Cancer. The moon wades through deep-feeling Pisces, increasing emotional responses and enhancing your need for escape.

You’ve been charging full steam ahead into your season, Leo. Yet, you’ve been missing a certain confidence and flair in your voice and mental clarity.

Virgo folk are ruled by the sharp-minded planet, Mercury. Tuesday’s skies find Mercury on the move, as it prowls into self-centered Leo, where it’ll remain until August 11.

It might be hard to stay focused on the task at hand today, Libra. While you’re hoping to be productive and conquer your to-do list, the dreamy Pisces moon may have other plans.

The universe is bringing you some welcome gifts today, Scorpio. Messenger Mercury moves forward into show-stopping Leo, helping you channel your mental focus towards making career course-corrections and getting ahead, now through August 11.

You’re running extra sensitive under Tuesday’s skies, Sagittarius. Treat yourself gently, as the heartfelt Pisces moon merges with reality-dissolving Neptune.

Tuesday’s skies skew reality, Capricorn. The ethereal Pisces moon merges with dreamy Neptune, making it hard to focus on the here and now.

The universe is sending all of your focus towards your close relationships right now, Aquarius. That story intensifies today, as messenger Mercury slips forward into your opposite sign of self-expressive Leo. Mercury’s presence here increases the likelihood of important conversations in collaborations and partnerships, until August 11.

Be mindful with your energy levels today, Pisces. The moon’s presence in your sign emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with your body in a mindful way.

Chinese Horoscopes

You’ll want to profit by the joys of existence and savor all pleasures without delay. It must be said right away that you’re reaching supreme wisdom, Rat.

Snake, in addition to the necessity of maintaining a high morale, you must try to overcome your physical fatigue by resting a few moments every time an opportunity for it will present itself during the daytime.

You’ll look for balance in all domains, giving priority to material and financial aspects, Dragon. Some natives of the sign will receive an unexpected sum of money.

Try to solve a delicate affair that perturbs your relationships with a person to whom you’re very much attached; Tiger, you’ll easily find an understanding.

You won’t have the intention to let yourself be pushed around. Also, you’ll refuse concessions and compromises, Rabbit.

You’ll have a voracious appetite; Horse, when you’re at the table, you’ll quickly devour all that’s at your teeth’s reach.

If you deem that something goes wrong in your couple, make the effort to talk about it frankly and serenely, in a dialogue in which each person expresses their deep aspirations and makes suggestions designed to improve your conjugal life in the future, Monkey.

Rooster, you’ll want to please and you will be very much surrounded. Exchanges with other people will be very pleasant, and life will smile upon you.

On the professional plane, your hierarchical superiors will be little satisfied with your work and they’ll bluntly make it known to you, Dog.

Very good mood. Cloudless sky careerwise, Pig. Healthwise, only some heaviness in your legs; lie down briefly from time to time with your legs raised.

You’ll be surprised to realize suddenly that life is not so dull and boring as you thought, Ox. Your existence may become spectacular after a new love affair will have aroused your interest.

Take time to take stock of the situation before the onset of important transformations, for it’s on your present action and reaction that your destiny and the destiny of other persons depends, Sheep.

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