Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscopes, Wednesday, July 27

Western Astrology

Major cosmic shifts take place under Wednesday’s skies, Aries. After several months of leaning into a refreshed understanding of solitude and spirituality, you’re ready to re-enter society.

You’ve only just begun to explore and expand upon your newly emerging goals, Taurus. The universe suggests that there’s more work to be done before you can continue to proceed.

Things are changing in an undeniable way in your world, Gemini. You’ve been fearlessly embarking on new career terrain and working to enhance your reputation.

Your horizons have only just begun to expand in ways you never thought possible, Cancer. Yet, the universe thinks you have more inner work to do before you can go into full bloom.

Wednesday’s skies totally change the terrain of 2021, Leo. You’ve been enjoying a soothing patch of growth in partnership matters in recent months, as you’ve worked towards healing and greater understanding.

The way you experience love is radically changing, Virgo. Growth-giving Jupiter’s presence in peace-keeping Pisces has been showing you how to open up to new ways of partnership up and experiencing support in a mutual way.

Your approach towards your work/life balance has been encountering some major shifts, Libra. You’ve been investing so much energy into embracing new growth on the job front.

You’ve been fearlessly testing the waters of your abilities in recent months, Scorpio. Jupiter’s enlarging presence in soulful Pisces has shown you how to embrace your creative energy and leave your mark on the world.

As a Sagittarius, you seek cosmic guidance from the optimistic, expansive planet Jupiter. Wednesday’s skies find Jupiter on the move, as it retrogrades out of soulful Pisces and slides backwards into logical Aquarius. Jupiter’s presence in Pisces has been helping you build a new sense of home, security, and family connections.

The universe has been pushing you to grow outside of your comfort zone, Capricorn. In recent months, Jupiter’s expansive presence in Pisces has taught you to express yourself and explore new educational opportunities.

You’ve been center stage in the cosmic spotlight for some time, Aquarius. Wednesday’s skies turn the tides and push you into a new phase of expansion, as Jupiter retrogrades out of Pisces and dips back into your sign.

As a Pisces, you look to the spiritually-charged, growth-giving planet Jupiter for cosmic guidance. Jupiter has been happily inhabiting your sign the last few months, helping you step out fearlessly into new forms of self-expression and independence.

Chinese Horoscopes

Control your arterial tension; this astral ambiance will provoke either an unusual lowering or a spectacular rise of your blood pressure; don’t do anything that could aggravate your state, Rat.

If you remain tense, you will live this day badly; so let yourself go, and have confidence in life. Snake, profit by these favorable influxes to tackle your pecuniary problems; you can find ideal solutions.

In your family life, discussions will risk becoming stormy, so remember to keep your head cool, Dragon. You will find in today’s happy climate all that you can dream of to satisfy your great need for cuddling and physical contact.

Spend this evening with persons whose company you appreciate; you will then be assured to experience some very agreeable moments, Tiger.

One of your children will go through a short period of doubt and discouragement, Rabbit; he or she will more than ever need to be listened to and feel understood.

You’ll be very fickle, managing some pleasurable — but at the same time unstable — love affairs. Horse, you’ll be drawn into a climate of intense emotions, torn between the real and the imaginary, not knowing how to reconcile these contradictory tendencies or how to put some order in your thoughts.

You’ll note some veiled hostility, hardly expressed but perceptible in the look or attitude of certain persons around you, Monkey.

It will be in your interest to fight against certain eating habits that are detrimental to your health, Rooster. Hypertension and high cholesterol will be your worst enemies.

Beware of your present inclination toward wanting to restart your family and conjugal life from scratch, Dog.

If you ask your mate to go and take down the moon for you, you may be disappointed; Pig, however, if you show yourself to be somewhat realistic, your sentimental relationships will bring you important satisfactions.

Try to be more demonstrative in your feelings, otherwise your dear ones will believe you to be indifferent, Ox.

Sheep, you’ll feel oppressed without really knowing why, and you’ll often let yourself labor under unfounded fears.

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