Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscopes, Monday, July 26

Western Astrology

Monday’s skies make it hard to get motivated, Aries. The moon drifts through daydreamy Pisces, which presents you with your monthly signal to pump the brakes and pull away from the crowd.

The universe is working to help you restore a flow to any walled off feelings today, Taurus. The moon careens into sympathetic Pisces this morning, turning your attention towards your sense of community and belonging among friends.

Send your focus toward your career goals, Gemini. Monday’s skies have you at peak visibility among your social scene.

Stretch your potential today, Cancer. You’re craving to break free from your routine today and are likely to find your mind hungry for fresh information and perspectives.

Spend some time away from society today, Leo. You’re in the mood to slip away into a dreamworld around love and romance, so let yourself indulge without taking it too far.

As a Virgo, you tend to bend over backwards when it comes to helping other people. Be mindful of this tendency towards overextension today, as the nurturing Pisces moon can have you dialed into the needs of others.

As a Libra, you have a tendency to rationalize away feelings with rationale. Monday’s skies crack open the floodgates and help your emotions flow freely without judgement.

You’re in no mood for any painfully mundane activities, Scorpio. The moon slips into imaginative Pisces this morning, increasing your need for a playful enjoyment and romantic rendezvous.

As a Sagittarius, you crave to explore new horizons and continually expand your perceptions. Monday’s skies work to ground you back down and connect you with your roots, as the moon slips into soothing Pisces.

You’re on the go under Monday’s skies, Capricorn. The moon careens into soulful Pisces, signaling the time of the month where you catch up on missed mental messages and important exchanges.

Send your focus towards your workflow today, Aquarius. You’re ready to get productive and bring your skills to the next level—as the moon wades into visionary Pisces.

As a Pisces, it’s easy for you to accidentally disassociate from your body. You’re so often immersed in a world of feelings and imagination that it’s easy to forget to take care of your physical vessel.

Chinese Horoscopes

You’ll make use of extraordinary energy, and you’ll forge ahead, delving deeply into the problems and bringing to light all that’s hidden, Rat.

Snake, you will feel galvanized by a new love; profit by it in order to do what you have never dared and you will be sure to be content.

You must avoid ill-considered expenses and keep an eye on your budget. Dragon, you may have to show much patience and tolerance in order to prevent your sentimental relationships from reaching the point of no return.

You’ll be on good terms with your nearest and dearest, Tiger, but beware of certain persons who will try to meddle with your private life.

Risk of sentimental instability, Rabbit. Nothing will really be simple in your life during this period. Perhaps will you satisfy yourself with a charming amorous friendship that will not imperil what is essential.

This solar climate will heighten your willpower and sharpen your decisions by reinforcing your determination, Horse.

Nervous disorders and anemia will be on the decline, Monkey; however, those natives of the sign who have eye diseases will have a possibility of suffering from them even more.

The fears and hesitations that seize you from time to time will be totally neutralized this time, Rooster. You’ll assert yourself forcefully, especially in your sentimental life.

You’ll be in top physical and mental form, Dog. Try to settle at the earliest possible what is important or urgent.

You’ll lack rigor and patience, and you’ll be inclined to drop certain projects that are not being achieved as rapidly as you would wish, Pig.

Ox, in your career, don’t try to work too much and don’t have recourse to unfair or illegal methods, as serious problems may spring up earlier than you think.

You’ll benefit from the powerful support of many stars; they’ll come to back your efforts up, to help you in your ambitions, Sheep.

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