Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscopes, Sunday, July 25

Western Astrology

Be mindful of any words being exchanged on the home and family front today, Aries. Unspoken feelings are likely to emerge, as messenger Mercury duels with truth-revealing Pluto.

You’ve got a storm brewing in your brain today, Taurus. Expressive Mercury locks into a tense opposition with emotionally-raw Pluto, helping you hone in on what needs communicating.

Give yourself room to breathe under Sunday’s skies, Gemini. Your ruling planet, mentally-fast Mercury, locks into an intense opposition with truth-revealing Pluto.

Sunday’s skies aren’t exactly a soothing walk in the park, Cancer. The moon treks through the tail-end of solution-seeking Aquarius and locks eyes with hot-headed Mars.

Important insights are emerging into your focus today, Leo. Even if it’s easier to look the other way, try to keep your eyes fixed on the reality at hand.

Try to keep things as low as possible today, Virgo. Important truths are emerging under Sunday’s skies.

As a Libra, you’re notorious for trying to keep the peace. Be mindful of this habit today, as expressive Mercury duels with truth-revealing Pluto.

Your mental environment is likely to be under some stress today, Scorpio. Messenger Mercury’s squabble with truth-revealing Pluto might bring important conversations into the mix, however unpleasant they initially seem.

As a Sagittarius, you pride yourself on your ability to be true. Of course, your truth is always dabbled with a dash of exaggeration, but we love you for it anyway.

Sunday’s skies aren’t exactly soothing, Capricorn. Brace yourself for some intense relationship conversations to emerge, as expressive Mercury stares down truth-seeking Pluto.

You’re facing a few uncomfortable truths beneath Sunday’s skies, Aquarius. Prepare to be radically honest about what stands in your way, as mental Mercury opposes intensity-seeking Pluto.

Things are undoubtedly intensifying under Sunday’s cosmic landscape, Pisces. Luna finds herself in a heated opposition with feisty Mars, increasing tensions on the work front.

Chinese Horoscopes

You must beware of your sudden changes of mood, as they will greatly disturb your close ones. Beware of risks of burns, explosions and traffic accidents, Rat.

Snake, interesting opportunities should present themselves on the material plane; don’t miss them, for you won’t find others soon.

You won’t be guilty of showing smug optimism; you’ll be very conscious of the immediate risks, Dragon. In such conditions, success — material as well as social and sentimental — can’t be doubted.

With you, even a mild beginning attraction may quickly become a great fire of love. Tiger, your instincts may overpower you; don’t let them dominate you completely.

Your material situation will improve considerably, Rat; but don’t embark on speculation deals that are too complicated or too long-range.

You’ll have good money coming in, and this will allow you to satisfy one of your dearest whims. Horse, you’ll feel bitter concerning the people to whom you’ve devoted yourself wholly.

Monkey, all activities related to purchasing or selling will be favored. Tackle long-term projects that are in wait for a conclusion.

Despite unexpected complications, you’ll be well decided to bring to a successful conclusion the projects that you’ve launched, and your determination will be fruitful, Rooster.

Dog, all that constituted a frustration, a limitation or an obstacle to your legitimate desires for achievement and expansion will begin to disappear.

Beware of certain busybodies, Pig, who will think only of pushing you into a financial venture where it would be difficult for you to get out.

Your morale will be on the increase, so will be your love affairs. Indeed, when the heart goes well, everything goes well; you entirely subscribe to this idea, Ox.

Risks of misunderstandings, heated discussions and conflicts, Sheep; turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before speaking.

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