Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscopes, Saturday, July 24

Western Astrology

Saturday’s skies offer up a strange dose of magic and reality, Aries. The composed Aquarius moon merges with responsible Saturn, lowering energy levels and increasing seriousness around goal achievement.

You’ve got a spark of magic in your voice today, Taurus. It’s an ideal day to express yourself in any capacity that shares your unique style and story (think: journaling, singing, or conversing meaningfully among friends).

You’re dialed into the ether today, Gemini. Your ruling planet, data-collecting Mercury, reaches out to dream-building Neptune today.

Saturday’s skies may feel like something of a buzzkill, Cancer. The moon’s union with responsible Saturn highlights the relationships stories that you’ve been sinking your teeth into all year.

Pay close attention to the dreams and subtle messages emerging from the environment today, Leo. Your unconscious mind is running the show and helping you heal relationship issues with soulful conversations.

You’re slipping off into a dream world today, Virgo. Your ruling planet, quick-thinking Mercury, forms a supportive alignment with visionary Neptune today.

You’re tapping into some powerful visions on the career front today, Libra. Messenger Mercury aligns with inspired Neptune, offering up fertile grounds for poetic imagery.

Spend some time in the comfort of your home today, Scorpio. You’re not in any mood to be out gallivanting around or engaging in socially-taxing situations.

A strange blend of energies are at play under Saturday’s cosmic landscape, Sagittarius. Messenger Mercury forms a sweet alliance with imaginative Neptune, helping create fertile grounds for healing relationships on the intimacy and family front.

Saturday’s skies make it easy to get down about your potential, Capricorn. The heady Aquarius moon merges with your ruler, disciplined Saturn.

Tend to your body today, Aquarius. It’s all too easy for you to get lost in your head! The nurturing moon’s presence in your sign encourages you to ground back down and sync up with your own needs.

It’s one of those weekends that honor “hermit mode,” Pisces. The solution-seeking Aquarius moon spends the day merged with serious Saturn, highlighting a reality check around what old mental clutter needs sorting or releasing.

Chinese Horoscopes

If you decide to embark on a risky undertaking, take all necessary precautions, because the juncture will be strewn with traps, Rat.

No great health problems in view. Beware anyway of possible intestinal troubles; Snake, in order to digest well, drink anise tea after each meal.

If you have family concerns, you must show much patience, Dragon; you can’t hold discussions with your near ones now with a view to finding a solution, for each one will firmly stick to his position.

Many various sentiments will intermingle in your affective life; two of them will be particularly noticeable, Tiger: a desire for security and an aspiration to give or to receive tenderness of a maternal nature.

A day placed under the sign of chance, Rabbit; do things in double-quick time in all fields, and you will emerge as the winner.

There might be a stormy turn to your life as a couple because of your stubbornness, Horse; the only possible solution will be tolerance.

Monkey, this astral ambiance will doubtlessly bring you important changes; but for once, you’ll be delighted by this hubbub.

If you’re living a stable relationship, this astral climate will be favorable to a strengthening of your ties, Rooster.

Heartwise, numerous annoyances will throw you into disarray, Dog. You’ll ask yourself if your mate would one day come to understand you.

Difficulties to be foreseen in the career field, Pig; but courage and perseverance will prove very paying. If you want to stop smoking, today will be the time to begin doing it, for you’ll have all the necessary willpower.

This astral climate will allow you to feel well at ease and to experience the joy of living. You must, however, beware of certain euphoria and smug optimism that might induce you to carelessness, Ox.

All your moves will be successful, Sheep; you’ll know your hour of glory! One drawback though: You will risk being in trouble with your bank.

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