Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes, Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Western Astrology

Wednesday’s skies find you enjoying some welcome sweetness on the work front, Aries. Gift-giving Venus departs from show-stopping Leo and marches into data-driven Virgo today, where she remains until August 16.

As a Taurus, you seek guidance from the jewel of the night sky, dazzling Venus. Wednesday’s skies see Venus on the move, as she leaves behind lazy Leo and roams into work-oriented Virgo.

Turn your focus towards your foundations today, Gemini. Gift-bearing Venus departs from shiny Leo and moves forward into earthy Virgo today, where she’ll stay until August 16.

The universe has a sweet gift in store for you today, Cancer. Bond-building Venus departs from luxurious Leo and leaps forward into capable Virgo today, where she’ll remain until August 16.

Positive twists are coming to your current financial landscape, Leo. Magnetic Venus departs from your sign and moves forward into realistic Virgo today, where she’ll remain until August 16.

A much needed change of pace arrives at your doorstep today, Virgo. Radiant Venus abandons the sleepy prairies of Leo and moves forward into your sign this afternoon, where she’ll remain until August 16.

You’re beginning to enter into a critical phase of rebirth, Libra. Your ruling planet, lover Venus, departs from socially-enthusiastic Libra into analytical Virgo today.

The universe is bringing you a welcome shift in focus under Wednesday’s skies, Scorpio. Lover Venus departs from flashy Leo and moves forward into realistic Virgo today, where she’ll remain until August 16.

You’re unstoppable this time of year, Sagittarius. Magnetic Venus departs from self-interested Leo and moves forward into capable Virgo today, pushing your attention towards bettering your current career path.

Breathe easy, Capricorn. The universe is working to lighten your load today, as lover Venus departs from self-focused Leo and moves forward into grounded Virgo.

Relationship matters have been absorbing all of your attention, Aquarius. In truth, that story is only just getting underway—so, buckle up!

The universe is working to sweeten things up on the relationship front for you, Pisces. Magnetic Venus departs from passive Leo and moves forward into driven Virgo today, bringing a dose of romance to your current partnership story that lasts until August 16.

Chinese Horoscopes

Harmony will reign in couples, and those who recently clashed will patch things up and find a good terrain of understanding, Rat.

Snake, if you suffer from arterial troubles, your condition may worsen this time. In love, don’t go around with someone other than your regular mate, don’t talk about your old relationships, and don’t say anything that may arouse or keep up jealousy.

You’ll recover a glowing physical form; and you must remember to beware of your greediness. Dragon, you’ll be able to assert yourself in your professional milieu and achieve some brilliant feats.

You will be successful on your search for exchanges, contacts and complicities, Tiger. Your finances will be very much favored — success in important affairs, winning of a lawsuit, sovereign luck at games of chance.

You’ll be rather anxious; Rabbit, be reassured, for nothing really unfortunate can happen to you if you make use of courage and patience.

You’ll find in your home the haven of peace to which you aspire, Horse; your spouse will know how to create a climate of warmth and shared tenderness.

Unforeseen events will compel you to view certain persons of your professional, amicable or family circle under a new light, Monkey.

Beware of risks of fatigue and particularly of muscular accidents, Rooster. This astral environment will be propitious to a generally poor form; have patience, don’t force yourself, don’t make important decisions and, above all, don’t let gloomy ideas invade you.

It might be rather difficult for you to refrain from making a scene in front of your mate this time. Dog, if you suffer from asthma or allergy, consider first that it may be due to an intestinal disorder or a food intolerance.

Your relationships with your coworkers will clearly lack cordiality. Pig, you’ll openly regret that team spirit does not prevail more clearly; and some of your colleagues, feeling themselves directly concerned, will bear you a mortal grudge!

Ox, your life will move, evolve, be transformed — suddenly, unexpectedly; be ready for the change. There’ll be a question mark hanging over certain aspects of your work.

There’ll be movement and animation in your life, and this will give you tremendous strength and an extraordinary form, Sheep.

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