Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes, Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Western Astrology

Lay low under Monday’s skies, Aries. It’s easy to get riled up over relationship matters—especially those that trigger old wounds.

Send your focus to the close relationships in your life, Taurus. Are you getting back what you’re putting in? The moon’s presence in sensual Scorpio helps you sort out what needs adjusting in close partnerships or collaborations.

As a Gemini, it’s easy for you to get overwhelmed with ideas. Aim to put your concepts into a concrete, organized form today—as the moon roams through sharp-minded Scorpio.

Save the heavy lifting and laborious activity for another day, Cancer. The moon sifts through sensual Scorpio all day, turning your attention towards your creative potency and the personal projects on your to-do list.

You’ve got so much stirring beneath that sunny face you present to the world, Leo. Monday’s skies find you focusing on unresolved emotional material—especially concerning family issues and your current home environment.

Your mental health requires your attention today, Virgo. Aim to sort out what’s actually important versus what you’re obsessing over.

It’s easy to get flustered over your finances today, Libra. The conservative Scorpio moon sends your focus towards the ins and outs of your money story, helping you discern where things may have become unbalanced.

Don’t let yourself get pulled off your self-care course today, Scorpio. The moon’s presence in your sign sends your attention to your physical wellbeing and unexpressed needs.

Keep to yourself for the first part of the day, Sagittarius. You’re in no mood to interact with draining people or circumstances, as the moon’s presence in healing Scorpio helps you quietly re-energize.

Direct your energy towards your goals today, Capricorn. You don’t have to make a major effort to make strides today, as the sharp-focused Scorpio moon allows you to powerfully aim your focus.

It’s full steam ahead towards accomplishing your dreams, Aquarius. Don’t stop now, as the moon’s presence in sharp-minded Scorpio allows you to direct heaps of energy towards your ambitions.

Break out of your comfort zone and into the unknown today, Pisces. The moon treks into sensual Scorpio, pushing you to explore a new perspective on the heaviness of recent days.

Chinese Horoscopes

On Earth Snake Day, you are now presented with the chance to succeed at a project you hold close to your heart, professionally and personally. Your aspirations may be realized today. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your ambitions unlimited.

Rat, you will enjoy your love life to the utmost today. Seriously tackle the problems that threaten to push your budget out of balance.

All contacts and travel will be favored today. The moment will bring you some exposures to unusual, romantic and marvelous love affairs; be sure that you profit by them well, Ox!

You will have everything you need to be happy, on condition that you put things in their right places. If you want to change your way of thinking, a small vacation with your mate will be a good choice, for it will give you many satisfactions, Snake.

You are about to benefit from an excellent compensation following a big sentimental disappointment, Dragon. It will be in your interest to take some mental rest; meditation would be beneficial.

At work, you will find elements or clues to solutions to your most difficult problems. Tiger, good understanding with your children, as your relationships with them will be tighter and more amicable; your home will be for you a haven of peace.

Your sentimental life will be cheerful, light and without tension or drama; you will feel perfectly comfortable and at ease beside your beloved one, Rabbit.

Luck will smile on you, as your popularity will increase rapidly today. Increased risks of liver troubles; Horse, it would be advisable to avoid animal fats, eggs and fatty cheeses.

Today brings a favorable climate for reorganizing your conjugal life. Sheep, learn to express yourself more clearly so that others will understand you better.

One can’t but admire your tenacity, your determination and your capacity to bring to a good end whatever you may decide to undertake, Monkey.

You will have an opportunity to have friendly contacts that can be useful to you in the future; Rooster, cultivate them well.

Dialog with your nearest and dearest will be much easier and you’ll reach good understanding. Dog, be careful if you must make a trip, as it might be wise to postpone it in order to avoid great disappointments.

The current planetary influxes will favor durable and profitable friendly relationships. Pig, you’ll be intellectually stimulated to a very high degree; profit by the situation to try to understand what has remained obscure to you until now.

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