Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes, Monday, July 19, 2021

Western Astrology

After midnight, Vesta, the goddess asteroid of inspiration, enters harmonious Libra, offering the chance to form good relationships with our passions so that we may thrive creatively, energetically, and materially. Our pursuits thrive when we are connected with others. In the morning, Mercury in Cancer squares Chiron in Aries, creating communication difficulties. Remorse is unavoidable so we must decide the lesser pain: speaking or silence.

Lay low under Monday’s skies, Aries. It’s easy to get riled up over relationship matters—especially those that trigger old wounds.

Send your focus to the close relationships in your life, Taurus. Are you getting back what you’re putting in? The moon’s presence in sensual Scorpio helps you sort out what needs adjusting in close partnerships or collaborations.

As a Gemini, it’s easy for you to get overwhelmed with ideas. Aim to put your concepts into a concrete, organized form today—as the moon roams through sharp-minded Scorpio.

Save the heavy lifting and laborious activity for another day, Cancer. The moon sifts through sensual Scorpio all day, turning your attention towards your creative potency and the personal projects on your to-do list.

You’ve got so much stirring beneath that sunny face you present to the world, Leo. Monday’s skies find you focusing on unresolved emotional material—especially concerning family issues and your current home environment.

Your mental health requires your attention today, Virgo. Aim to sort out what’s actually important versus what you’re obsessing over.

It’s easy to get flustered over your finances today, Libra. The conservative Scorpio moon sends your focus towards the ins and outs of your money story, helping you discern where things may have become unbalanced.

Don’t let yourself get pulled off your self-care course today, Scorpio. The moon’s presence in your sign sends your attention to your physical wellbeing and unexpressed needs.

Keep to yourself for the first part of the day, Sagittarius. You’re in no mood to interact with draining people or circumstances, as the moon’s presence in healing Scorpio helps you quietly re-energize.

Direct your energy towards your goals today, Capricorn. You don’t have to make a major effort to make strides today, as the sharp-focused Scorpio moon allows you to powerfully aim your focus.

It’s full steam ahead towards accomplishing your dreams, Aquarius. Don’t stop now, as the moon’s presence in sharp-minded Scorpio allows you to direct heaps of energy towards your ambitions.

Break out of your comfort zone and into the unknown today, Pisces. The moon treks into sensual Scorpio, pushing you to explore a new perspective on the heaviness of recent days.

Chinese Horoscopes

On Earth Dragon day, positive energies are in the air followed by loyalty. When engaging in intellectual activates, keep a careful eye on your hiding jealousies. The Dragon, Rat, and Monkey can get the most out of this day which is especially unfavourable to them.

Rat, you’ll lack lucidity, and this may make you to commit grave errors of judgment. In love, be sincere and put all of your cards on the table so that your partners can know exactly what they are up against.

Disputes and some small clashes might give your family or couple the appearance of a debate hall! Interesting opportunities will present themselves in the professional domain; however, it will be in your interest to take the maximum of guaranties and demand written agreements, otherwise you may have a bad surprise in a few days, Ox.

Beware of power struggles with your spouse! You won’t bear that they try to shadow you in one domain or another! Tiger, your legs will play tricks on you, and you’ll be subject to varicose veins, cramps and sprains, all the more so since you’ll tend to be nervous.

If you live in couple, know that your rather out-and-out individualism does not favor communal life; think to water down your wine! Rabbit, work will not be lacking; however avoid overwork, which could only harm your projects of the future.

You’ll want to assert your values and needs; Dragon, you’ll make your mate understand that you love them very much but that you’re too independent to live imprisoned, even in the arms of the person of your dreams.

In your efforts to not let yourself be maneuvered by your mate, you might go as far as to threaten a breaking off if they persist in refusing to heed your needs and desires, Snake.

You will certainly be floating on clouds today. Your dreams will be sensuous, and everything in you will aspire to calm and serenity, Horse. Your friends will not disappoint you and you’ll even make new ones.

This day will be dominated by business and material life; Sheep, finish projects that are underway and update everything; avoid launching a new project as yet.

Many natives of the sign may give in to carelessness on the sentimental plane. Monkey, naturally sociable, they’ll always attract sympathies but will be oblivious of the qualitative aspect of their relationships.

Heartwise, you can expect to have an encounter with a young and brilliant person who will enchant you. Rooster, chance will be on your side in a financial deal — exploit this to your advantage before it is too late.

You’ll have much difficulty keeping your feet on the ground and taking realities into due account. Dog, beware of too alluring proposals!

Your rights and abilities will be recognized and you’ll be well on your way toward professional success. Pig, you might have problems with your spouse or mate, and so you’ll have a feeling of bitterness.

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