Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes, Sunday, July 18, 2021

Western Astrology

In the morning, the Scorpio moon forms a trine to Mercury in Cancer, offering ease in communication. Discussions with family are valuable and topics are addressed with a genuine interest in understanding others’ motives and achieving greater intimacy.

Sunday’s skies find you wrestling with charged emotional matters, Aries. The moon wades through deep feeling Scorpio, pointing your focus towards any unexpressed emotional issues—especially those brewing in the intimacy department.

All of your energy is orbiting around relationship matters today, Taurus. The moon meanders through intensity-seeking Scorpio, prompting you to dig a little deeper around matters of the heart.

Turn your attention towards your health and workflow today, Gemini. Luna dips into Scorpio’s highly focused waters, helping you devote ample energy towards getting productive and ahead of the curve for next week.

You’re in no mood for laborious action today, Cancer. Let yourself prioritize fun to the best of your ability, as the moon slides into sensual Scorpio.

Turn your focus to the foundations beneath your feet, Leo. The moon wades into solitude-seeking Scorpio today, pointing your attention towards the emotional well-being of your home and family life.

As a Virgo, you’re a natural born storyteller. Use those special skills to get your point across today, as the moon drifts into sharp-minded Scorpio.

Turn your focus towards your resources today, Libra. How can you work to have a better relationship with your finances? Luna’s presence in conservative Scorpio today helps you keep a close eye on what you do and don’t have.

You’re in desperate need of some TLC, Scorpio. The nourishing moon’s presence in your sign encourages you to tend to your body, unexpressed emotions, and independent needs above all else today.

Pull away from the world today, Sagittarius. You’re in need of some private, healing time away from the crowd.

There’s so much brewing in your relationship story, Capricorn. That’s why you need to take a step back and turn to your friends today to vent and explore your next move.

Even if it’s the weekend, you’re finding yourself mulling over your place in the grand scheme of things, Aquarius.

Break out of your comfort zone and into the unknown today, Pisces. The moon treks into sensual Scorpio, pushing you to explore a new perspective on the heaviness of recent days.

Chinese Horoscopes

The Fire Rabbit is a spontaneous and proud being. Today you might be surprised by a sudden and unexpected success. The 9th Lunar Mansion is the Cowherd today which is unfavourable: today love happiness is less easy to achieve for people born during the day.

Rat, you’ll know how to transform the negative elements of your personality into positive factors. If you wish to found a family, you could this time meet the one who will give you the means to stabilize your life.

You’ll be very dynamic, full of energy, and you’ll refuse to postpone until tomorrow what can be done today, Ox.

You will know a new occurrence in your work that will allow your to propel yourself forward, Tiger; but you’ll need to calm down and relax, otherwise overwork will not be far away.

You’ll be endowed with lively enthusiasm and you’ll see things with much optimism. Rabbit, you’ll be very much surrounded and appreciated by your near ones, for your gentleness and kindheartedness will always be present.

This astral climate will favor enjoying love; go to a dance, accept an invitation to dinner, profit by the good moments that are promised to you, Dragon.

Snake, you will move upstream more easily than usual today, so it would be advisable to tackle your most difficult problems now.

Your sentimental life will once more be clogged with too many uncertainties. Horse, be confident in your good star and don’t set your objectives too high.

You will not be sure of which attitude to take toward your children today, and they will immediately be aware of it, Sheep.

Rejoice, Monkey! Your current situation will progress in such a way as to allow you to draw closer to the person whom you love, and to obtain their agreement and a sentimental tie.

You’ll be subject to despondency; it will be necessary to recover your drive and resist your penchant for pessimism, Rooster.

You’ll have the possibility to concentrate all your energy on the achievement of objectives dear to your heart; Dog, don’t hesitate any more.

You’ll forge ahead while controlling your drive and daring and while avoiding useless clashes as much as possible, Pig; you’ll be perfectly right to act that way.

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