Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes, Friday, July 16, 2021

Western Astrology

Get up and at ‘em today, Aries. The logic-first Libra moon forms a supportive alignment with stabilizing Saturn first thing in the morning, making it easy to conjure up stamina towards collaborative efforts and long-term goals.

Productivity is easy to achieve under Friday’s skies, Taurus. The moon coasts through level-headed Libra, spending the morning hours in a supportive connection with stabilizing Saturn.

Playtime wins out over productive efforts today, Gemini. Let yourself return to an activity that sparks a childlike joy inside of you! The moon meanders through artistically inclined Libra, reaching out to capable Saturn on her path.

Reconnect with your roots today, Cancer. The moon cruises through balance-seeking Libra, sending your focus towards the state of your living space and your emotional foundation.

Your relationships have been an ongoing point of focus for you in recent times, Leo. The universe gently nudges that story along today, as the harmony-seeking Libra moon aligns with responsible Saturn.

Spend some time reviewing your resources today, Virgo. The balance-seeking Libra moon sends your focus towards the state of your finances, helping you get a clear picture of what needs adjusting in that arena.

How often do you put your own needs first, Libra? The moon’s presence in your sign works to remind you to listen to what your body and heart need most.

As a Scorpio, you’re no stranger to alone time. Take Friday to reconnect with yourself in a quiet, uncomplicated way, as the moon floats through balance-bringing Libra.

In order to make things happen, you have to be clear about what you want, Sagittarius! The universe encourages you to take a closer look at that concept today, as the logical Libra moon aligns with self-disciplined Saturn.

Make your dream vision a reality, Capricorn. You’ve got everything you need to push ahead with your ambitions, as the harmony-bringing Libra moon aligns with your ruler, grounded Saturn.

This year has really been putting you to the test, Aquarius. Your ruling planet, steady Saturn, has really been bringing you to task.

You’ve been working on releasing your own mental and emotional garbage, Pisces. While it’s not exactly a pleasant or simple process, you’ve been making considerable strides in freeing yourself up.

Chinese Horoscopes

Rat, nothing unfortunate can occur to you; you’ll be in a position to orient or reorient your destiny in a positive way. A favorable day to renovate your lodgings and make them more comfortable.

A stormy day heartwise, Ox: Passion will be present, but so will complications. You’ll be a prey to great vacillation between caution and a desire to take risks; seek counsel from competent people.

Beware, you might be the victim of a fall, a sprain or a stiff neck or back. Your nerves will be set on edge by your professional and family surroundings, Tiger.

You’ll be torn between opposing tendencies, but you’ll succeed in finding the right path to follow. Rabbit, if you decide to stop smoking, the chances of success will grow tenfold.

You’ll have enough courage and perspicacity to solve your delicate professional problems, Dragon. If you have to travel far, be prepared for annoyances of all kinds.

Fluctuating humors, but you won’t have to be concerned about them. Snake, be vigilant as far as your food is concerned so as to avoid taking on weight.

Better physical resistance and much better morale than you have had lately. In your work, it won’t be the time to take many risks. Horse, some difficulties in your family life, but everything will straighten itself out well if you can remain coolheaded.

This astral climate will greatly favor social life; go toward other people, Sheep. Your reactions will be unpredictable, and this could do you harm, above all in your sentimental life.

Good relationships with your parents and children; any conflict will be forgotten quickly. Heartwise, this climate will be favorable to questioning, and this will allow you to improve things, Monkey.

Rooster, don’t fret so much; this time let life solve some of your problems by itself. Despite all the difficulties you’re going to meet, you’ll live exquisite hours with your beloved one.

Don’t neglect your family circle despite your numerous social and professional obligations. Dog, don’t conceal anything from your beloved one, or do it judiciously, otherwise risks of tension will arise within your couple.

You’ll realize the benefits of a good balance in all fields and will actively look for the golden mean. Pig, think of pampering yourself a little instead of always being on the go.

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