Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes, Thursday, July 15, 2021

In the pre-dawn hours, the Cancer sun trines Neptune in Pisces. This twice-yearly aspect inspires idealism and provides a powerful transmission of divine love. We see beauty all around us and act from a place of gratitude. This is an excellent transit for doing any creative, spiritual, meditative, or philanthropic work. Faith can be used for the purposes of manifestation, but also proves healing, insulating us from negativity.  We might feel somewhat out of time now, or perhaps time seems irrelevant, as we are so involved in our mission that we don’t notice the hours ticking away. Naturally, we can fall prey to delusional thinking in this Neptunian territory, but the repercussions of these thoughts will not be detrimental, largely because we are seeking to demonstrate our ethics, not to force them upon others.

Western Astrology

As an Aries, you’re here to develop a deep sense of your own independence. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go through life without anyone else’s support.

You’re ready to get serious about your workflow, Taurus. The moon slips from sensual Virgo into balance-seeking Libra today, sending your attention towards anything waiting to be crossed off on your agenda.

It’s always a battle to balance head and heart, Gemini. This lifelong dilemma is likely to feel especially relevant under Thursday’s skies.

As a Cancer, you prioritize having fulfilling family connections and a healing home environment. Thursday’s skies remind you of these support systems, as the moon slips from busy-body Virgo into peace-seeking Libra.

You’re likely to be on the move today, Leo. Lace up your shoes and charge your phone, as errands need accomplishing and conversations seek completion.

As a Virgo, you need a ritual and a routine to feel your best. Let yourself sync back up with your usual workflow today, but with a little more mindfulness.

As a Libra, you give so much of your energy to other people. Thursday’s skies work to reconnect you with your own needs and desires, as the nourishing moon dances forward into your sign.

Slip away from the world today, Scorpio. You’re in need of replenishing solitude and are craving a mini spiritual retreat.

Send some energy towards your grandiose goals, Sagittarius. Which are still worth pursuing in the long run? The moon’s presence in equilibrium-seeking Libra sends your attention towards the visions you hold for yourself.

As a Capricorn, you pride yourself on your ability to set your mind to something and see it through. Even if you struggle with upholding yourself to that strong inner value, it’s certainly present underneath the doubt.

When’s the last time you learned something new, Aquarius? The universe is pushing you to get out of your comfort zone and seek an education today, however informal!

As a Pisces, you’re no stranger to the boundless depths beckoned by true intimacy. Let yourself drift off into a private headspace that allows for vulnerable, therapeutic conversations on the relationship front.

Chinese Horoscopes

You will not hesitate to take financial risks in the hope of developing your situation more rapidly, and this should bring success, Rat.

Ox, you’ll be more concerned about your interior life than about all the rest, but this evidently won’t mean that career satisfactions will be forbidden to you.

It’s not impossible that your emotional life this time takes on a new and more agreeable turn than you had expected before, Tiger. Be ready to enjoy the new situation well.

You’ll be exposed to the hostility of certain coworkers or superiors; heated conflicts may arise, Rabbit. Be careful in all your financial transactions, for there will be cheating in the air.

Dragon, patience and serenity won’t be the prominent traits of your character; you’ll have the clear impression that everything is conspiring against you so as to delay your projects and complicate your life.

You’ve until now had much difficulty making real friends. But this time you’ll spare no effort so as to know true friendship; Snake, you’ll preserve it very carefully because, for you, it will double your joys and reduce your sorrows by half.

Horse, in your career, you could make a serious leap forward; go about your job with relentlessness and determination.

Professional luck will certainly be with you, but you’ll hesitate before the opportunities that will be offered to you. Sheep, a lucky day also on the amorous plane, as you’ll have more than one occasion to meet a soul mate.

Good professional progress in view, but don’t waste everything by suddenly adopting too blunt an attitude or by taking excessive risks. Monkey, you’ll have the right to moments of amorous ecstasy.

If you’ve decided to part from your mate, to divorce, things will not go as smoothly as you thought; permanent tensions must be expected, Rooster.

Dog, your professional situation will take up too much of your time; however, it would be wise not to neglect your family for that much.

Current astral influxes will incite good nervous resistance, remarkable strength and positive recuperative power. Pig, in your work, resist the temptation to give recourse to unorthodox means in order to reach your objectives more rapidly.

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