Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes for Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Western Astrology

Let yourself slip away from reality today, Aries. Wednesday’s cosmic landscape is something like being lost in a heavy fog.

Wednesday’s skies are decidedly dreamy, Taurus. The sun and moon simultaneously sync up with boundary-blurring Neptune today, lowering energy levels and increasing imagination.

Your career has been in an evolving transitory stage, Gemini. Reality-bending Neptune has been eroding that which needs letting go, allowing a new focus to slowly emerge in its place.

It’s easier to float along than force yourself to swim upstream today, Cancer. The sun and moon both reach out to inspirational Neptune today, creating a deliciously day-dreamy atmosphere.

Slow your pace with the arrival of Wednesday’s skies, Leo. Your ruling planet, the life-giving sun, locks into a sweet and supportive alignment with mystical Neptune.

Your energy levels are likely to be running especially low today, Virgo. Ease up on your pace and desire to be productive, as Wednesday’s skies put a hazy fog of confusion and idealism in the air.

You make your own best company today, Libra. Wednesday’s skies are deeply dreamy and unrealistic, as the sun and moon simultaneously sync up with reality-blurring Neptune.

Wednesday’s cosmic landscape favors intuition over intellect, Scorpio. The sun and moon find themselves deeply intertwined with ethereal Neptune—a pairing that brings a deeply mystical, otherworldly feel to the day.

Potent forces are at play beneath Wednesday’s cosmic landscape, Sagittarius. The sun and moon simultaneously meet with illusory Neptune today, which brings an imaginative but unrealistic atmosphere to the day.

The universe has been re-arranging your mental atmosphere in recent years, Capricorn. You’ve been opening up to new forms of self-expression and learning to clear out mental clutter, all thanks to ethereal Neptune’s influence.

Wednesday’s skies are ripe with creative energy, Aquarius. The sun and moon lock into a simultaneous alignment with illusory Neptune today, bringing an inspirational energy to your workflow.

It’s easy to get swept up into a dreamworld today, Pisces. The sun and moon find themselves intertwined with reality-bending Neptune, making for an inspired but low-energy day.

Chinese Horoscopes

If you work, you’ll be entitled to a promotion; if you’re unemployed, you’ll be promised a good job. A favorable climate for friendly and social relationships; you’ll have some very happy reunions, Rat.

Ox, everything will seem more difficult to you, and you may doubt your capacities. Take courage! Seek the support of your dearest and nearest who’ll be prepared to help you.

The stars will accentuate your taste for conquest and your need for novelty, so don’t hesitate to embark on difficult projects, Tiger. Workwise, you’ll be very much motivated to succeed.

Good professional success, whatever your branch of activity; however, do not overestimate your capacities. Rabbit, renew contact with persons lost from sight a long time ago, especially if you had some tiff with them.

A climate that will encourage household disagreements; keep your self-control. Try to preserve affectionate and continued relationships with your parents, Dragon.

Snake, you’ll be in top form. Good work cadence, but beware of certain persons of your circle who are laying some traps for you. Risks of transitory tension in your friendly relationships; exercise your self-control.

You might have to cope with deceptions and frustrations on more than one front; don’t count on your friends to get you out of the tight spot, appeal instead to your courage, Horse.

This time the wheel of fortune will turn to your favor; you’ll be successful in everything! You’ll feel more apt to communicate with others and very motivated to carry out your professional and social ambitions, Sheep.

Monkey, your relationships with your entourage will often be conflictual; be cooler. If you don’t resist your current tendency to act in an irregular way, you won’t achieve very much.

The planetary influences will be favorable, Rooster: You’ll be very eager to act and all your activities will be fruitful. However, don’t spend too much of your energy, and remember to take time to recharge your batteries.

Even though you may be very enterprising in love, you will not get only success. Your personal situation will require decisions that are difficult to make, but your instinct will guide you, Dog.

You could have problems of insomnia or difficulties relaxing; a cure of vitamins would be good. Pig, your work can give you some concerns, but your spouse and your children will wholeheartedly support you.

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