Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes for Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Western Astrology

You’re prepared to get productive today, Aries. The moon meanders into analytical Virgo, directing your attention towards your workflow.

Let yourself lean into a more playful pace under Tuesday’s skies, Taurus. Luna slides into down-to-earth Virgo, helping you send your attention towards creative pursuits and romantic relations.

As a Gemini, you often live up in your mental world. Tuesday’s skies ground you back down and reacquaint you with your roots, as the moon drifts into earthy Virgo.

You’ve got a story to tell, Cancer. Why keep it to yourself? Luna slides into poignant Virgo, sending your focus towards your mental health and clarity of self-expression.

It’s easy to kick it into high gear today, Leo. The moon careens into sharp-minded Virgo, helping you devote focus towards honing your skills and cranking out productive work.

You’re breaking out of solitude today, Virgo. The moon prances into your sign this morning, helping you tune into your body and unexpressed individual needs.

As a Libra, you tend to thrust yourself into a never-ending string of social situations. Let the universe guide you into a restorative, solitude-seeking headspace today.

Aim to reconnect with your people today, Scorpio. The moon meanders into down-to-earth Virgo, sending your focus towards your sense of community.

Don’t rest on your laurels, Sagittarius. You’re ready for big things on the career front and you may want to lean into some course-correcting today.

As a Capricorn, it’s easy for you to get bogged down in a predictable routine. Let yourself break the mold today and widen your horizons, as the moon cruises into reflective Virgo and aligns with mentally sharp Mercury.

You’re moving into a highly sensitive headspace today, Aquarius. Don’t fret if you don’t feel like your usual logic-first self; the introverted Virgo moon works to stir up a deeper look at the emotions stirring within.

You can’t help but reflect on your current relationship story today, Pisces. Send your focus towards the story stirring in your heart, as the moon floats through your opposite sign of grounded Virgo.

Chinese Horoscopes

A day marked with serious financial difficulties that you’ll have to face without external help; remain cool-headed. Your sleep will be agitated and won’t permit good recuperation; relax and eat lighter foods, Rat.

Ox, you’ll show tremendous efficiency, you’ll discharge at high speed all the tasks that fall on you. Couple life will be very much favored; single people will make a promising encounter.

You’ll have difficulty letting yourself go in your amorous exercises; know that the education you received is largely responsible for it. Tiger, learn to love reading, don’t let television impede this beautiful activity.

Because of your skin-deep sensitiveness, you may encounter sentimental, family or other difficulties, Rabbit. Do some walking in good open air so as to lessen your nervousness.

You’ll do your best to please and your efforts will be rewarded; your love affairs will be flourishing, Dragon. Success in your job; the professions that demand meticulousness and patience will be particularly favored.

You’ll give much importance to your social and mundane life and you’ll have easy relationships. You’ll have ideas of genius but will have difficulty carrying them out right away, Snake.

A day rich in new relationships and propitious to the progress of your affairs. Horse, your various problems will get solved for the best of your interests. Very satisfactory health; your digestion will be in excellent condition.

Sheep, very eventful but not necessarily bad love life; regardless, don’t run after anyone you meet. You’ll need the support of your close ones so as to face the difficulties in your work with courage.

A small trip will bring you freshness, great joy and great optimism. You’ll make an amorous encounter this time and, if you’re still unattached, you’ll right away renounce your dear freedom, Monkey!

An ideal day to put your love affairs in due order, to dispel doubt and boredom. Rooster, clear recovery of energy; your many malaises will finally disappear

You’ll meet with sentimental, family or other difficulties, but you can triumph if you succeed in controlling your nerves, Dog. In your couple, discussions may rapidly turn stormy.

Pig, there’ll be for you love at first sight, an unexpected amorous encounter, a vigorous sentimental renewal, or extraordinary passionate fervor.

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