Your Daily Chinese and Western Horoscopes, Monday, July 12, 2021

Western Astrology

Romantic opportunities are blooming under Monday’s skies, Aries. Even if it feels funny to put yourself in a flirtatious mindset so early in the week, you’d be wise to take advantage of the cosmic magic stirring around your love life.

Look no further than your own roots to decipher today’s cosmic lesson, Taurus. Your ruling planet, bond-building Venus, merges with hot-headed Mars.

Lean into the optimistic energy washing over you today Gemini. Your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, enjoys an uplifting embrace with faith-instilling Jupiter.

Work your magic on the job front, Cancer. You have an enviable artistic flair that you can apply to your skill sets today, as the moon parades through enthusiastic Leo.

You’ve got an undeniable sway today, Leo. Use your magnetism wisely! Lover Venus merges with self-assertive Mars in your sign, ramping up your need for sensual encounters and to entice others.

Pull away from the demands of the real world today, Virgo. The moon slips through self-centered Leo, turning your focus toward release and recuperation.

You’ve got connections to patch up and goals to see through today, Libra. Your ruling planet, magnetic Venus, merges with self-assertive Mars.

Things are shaping up nicely under Monday’s skies, Scorpio. Your ruling planet, self-driven Mars, receives a warm visit from bond-building Venus.

Romance swirls in the air under Monday’s cosmic landscape, Sagittarius. Lover Venus swoons alongside self-assertive Mars, delivering a fresh dose of exciting energy to your close relationships.

Things are heating up in the intimacy department today, Capricorn. Don’t be shy about deepening commitments or reaching out to a romantic interest.

Don’t miss out on today’s romantically sweet cosmic landscape, Aquarius. Magnetic Venus merges with self-motivated Mars, bringing a welcome dose of sensuality to your current partnership story.

You’re hard to miss under Monday’s skies, Pisces. Don’t be afraid to put yourself on a stage of your own and express your opinions, as communicator Mercury aligns with your ruling planet, visionary Jupiter.

Chinese Horoscopes

Rat, you’ll have many occasions to fly into an anger; this will allow you to get things straight and to show to your near ones that you aren’t so indifferent to what’s going on around you as people can believe.

Your morale will be fluctuating today; eat what you like, take more of the foods that improve muscle tone and energy, Ox.

Tiger, this astral ambiance may bring about a sentimental conflict, a separation or perhaps even a questioning of your love affairs.

You’ll be so warm and open to others that you’ll be well surrounded, Rabbit; certain persons will even come to you so that you communicate to them a little of your energy, of your dynamism.

Dragon, you will discover a renewed taste for physical effort, which is an excellent thing. Do some gymnastics or sport every day, this will do you worlds of good.

Your sentimental and family relationships will be much more harmonious than they have proven lately, Snake.

Love affairs for singles will be a little complicated; Horse, sentimental encounters will be numerous but of little avail.

You’ll be able to concretize your most daring dreams. Sheep, whether it be love, work or finances, you’ll find ways to achieve your goals thanks to a good dose of realism and lucidity, which will allow you to moderate your drive and to get excited only for what’s really worthwhile.

The real estate domain will be well protected; acquisitions, as well as sales, will be made in good conditions, Monkey. Do not let yourself be driven crazy by transient passions: You have a great need for stable relationships with someone whose personality is similar to yours.

The stars will give you skin-deep sensitiveness and intense emotions, Rooster. You will dream of living great passions and great romantic adventures: a real cinema movie!

Fully enjoy what life offers you instead of incessantly complaining about what it refuses you or puts off granting you. Dog, try to understand the aspirations of your spouse and those of your children.

Rather painful altercations between you and your mate may arise; Pig, show awareness and good common sense in order to find an acceptable compromise so that the harmony of your couple can be restored.

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