Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes for Saturday, July 10, 2021

Western Astrology

You’re likely to be rummaging through remnants of your past today, Aries. The moon drifts through sentimental Cancer, sending your focus towards unfinished family business and any unspoken feelings stirring around your living space.

It’s important to get things off your chest today, Taurus. The moon wades through the tail end of touchy Cancer and locks into an opposition with truth-revealing Pluto.

Be mindful of your spending habits today, Gemini. You may find yourself dealing with undue emotional stress over financial matters if you’re overspending money that you don’t have.

As a Cancer, you happily give of yourself to those in need. Saturday’s skies remind you that in order to nurture others, you also must be the recipient of nurturance!

Protect your peace today, Leo. You need another day spent in restful solitude, tending to your inner world in a nurturing way.

It’s easy to get riled up over the state of your goals today, Virgo. The emotional Cancer moon locks into an unsettling opposition with truth-revealing Pluto today, heightening intensities around your creative abilities.

Don’t stop now, Libra. You’re ready to tackle new terrain in your work environment today, as the moon marches through empathic Cancer.

Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone, Scorpio. It’s the only way to push ahead and make head ways towards your budding aspirations.

Keep pushing through, Sagittarius. You’re wrestling with some intense, emotionally charged material today that’s likely to be emerging around your intimate relationships.

You can’t escape the important partnership stories that the universe is unveiling for you this week, Capricorn. Keep leaning into the work being asked of you, as more details come to light.

Devote your energy to bettering yourself today, Aquarius. Find ways that you can strike a healthier work/life balance that don’t leave you on either side of that extreme.

As a Pisces, you’re a natural born dreamer who needs ample downtime to drift. Let yourself do just that under Saturday’s skies, as the soulful Cancer moon encourages you to reconnect with your creative capacity and sense of play.

Chinese Horoscopes

This would be a good day to start to work on some self-improvements that you have been planning. A good diet or exercise routine will help a lot, Rat.

Ox, there’ll be a slight slowdown of your vital functions, and this will imply clear laziness of your liver. Make a cure of complete vitamins or calcium.

There’ll be joy, animation and laughs in your life, Tiger; you’ll spend the day without major concerns, and time will flow in a very pleasant manner.

Your inner contradictions become more acute and they may cause you some uneasiness, Rabbit. Try to control your irritability and tendency to anger.

You’ll be led to admit once more that it’s of no avail for you to idealize people; they’ll fall from higher and you would then unconsciously take your revenge by being more aggressive with them than if you had not put them on a pedestal at all, Dragon.

Snake, probable minor problems of digestion; in order to alleviate your stomach’s work, you must learn the habit of chewing your foods carefully and thoroughly.

You’ll be inclined to self-conceit, and this may hamper your relationships in many fields, Horse. Define your objectives very clearly before launching any plans, as your present tendency is to plunge headlong into situations.

Sheep, beware of certain friends and acquaintances whom you think you can trust but who actually are seeking secretly to harm you.

This time, show moderation in everything, Monkey. Don’t run after riches, power or honors at the risk of jeopardizing your physical or mental health.

Rooster, you will tend to believe indiscriminately all the promises that will be made to you. Do not maintain solid, immovable ideas, and try to take your close circle’s suggestions into due consideration.

Even though a romantic adventure presents itself well, don’t count your chickens before they are hatched, Dog; a reversal of the situation is to be expected, as this astral configuration will be rather capricious.

You must absolutely tighten your belt and reduce your expenses to a strict minimum, Pig, otherwise you’ll encounter very serious problems that will end up making you miserable.

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