Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes for Friday, July 9th, 2021

Western Astrology

In the morning, the Cancer moon squares Chiron in Aries, stirring sensitivities relative to personal safety. Instead of seeking validation from others, we commit to being our own rock. But in the present moment, self-protective instincts can be hard to negotiate alongside self-doubt. Following this connection, the moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus, helping us to shrug off morning moodiness and be more proactive in our engagements with others. Prevailing problems don’t seem as deep now. We can make adjustments that will leave us feeling more centered, acknowledging that we can’t always control our circumstances, and that all moods eventually pass.

You’ve been devoting so much energy to exploring your roots in recent weeks, Aries. A brand-new narrative arrives on that front today, as the new moon in homebody Cancer emerges this evening.

This time of year is all about exploring your voice, Taurus. In recent weeks, it’s been imperative that you improve your communication skills with others.

The universe is bringing you some fresh opportunities to take advantage of, Gemini. The new moon arrives in initiative-taking Cancer today, encouraging you to deepen your connection to your innermost talents and resources.

Now’s your time to shine, Cancer. One of the most pivotal moments of your year arrives today, as the new moon emerges in your sign.

This time of year isn’t the easiest for you, Leo. The universe has been encouraging you to release old baggage in hopes of clearing out a fresh space for you to inhabit emotionally.

You’ve recently been wrestling with defining your long-term goals, Virgo. It’s been important for you to discern which of those aspirations are no longer worth pursuing and which still are.

Friday’s skies bring you one of the most important moments of your year, Libra. After weeks of course correcting your career path, you’re given the chance to bring new aspirational intentions to life.

You’ve been cleaning house when it comes to your old beliefs about life, Scorpio. So much of what you used to believe about yourself is beginning to dissolve before your eyes.

Relationship lessons have been incessant this year, Sagittarius. You’re making so much progress when it comes to releasing old, self-limiting habits and making way for fresh encounters in that arena.

Look no further than your heart to find what needs focusing on today, Capricorn. Friday’s skies bring one of the most important moments of your year, as the new moon emerges in your opposite sign of sentimental Cancer.

This time of year has you busier than ever, Aquarius. There’s so much to accomplish on the work front that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and have your routine become mind-numbing.

One of the sweetest opportunities of the year arrives for you, Pisces. After weeks of becoming reacquainted with your creative process and reviving your sense of pleasure, you’re ready to ground down your abilities and take a stand.

Chinese Horoscopes

Earth Goat day means your daily life may seem less dull and repetitive yet you surprise yourself by recording your thoughts in your phone or on a piece of paper.

It’ll be necessary to let your close relatives act more or less in their own way, otherwise you’ll risk having big fights within your family circle, Rat.

Ox, your love life could undergo a day of uncertainty and then stabilization. Renew contacts with your former friends and make new ones; it’s owing to your friends that you’ll able to progress.

A wind of change will blow on you; Tiger, you’ll want to innovate in your work and your family life. In love, there will be jealousy in the air.

Endowed with an enormous temporary amount of talent, you’ll easily succeed in solving practical and material problems, Rabbit.

Dragon, your love affairs will be fine, but they’ll tend to be more of an intellectual nature than usual. During this day there’ll be a slowing down of your vital functions.

You’ll live marvelous moments amidst your close ones. Don’t believe too much in fantasy; in order to prevent cruel disappointments, keep your sense of reality, Snake.

Everything won’t be so easy during this day: Horse, despite some valuable awareness, you’ll go through moments of stress, disillusions and conflicts.

Despite your recent difficulties, things will smooth themselves out little by little thanks to a more lenient astral climate, Sheep.

If you wish to strengthen your bonds within a community, Monkey, it will be the perfect moment for you to do so. You’ll spend some good moments with an old friend.

Heavy arguments and silences could alternate in your family; Rooster, if this happens, your children will be the first ones to suffer from the situation.

Dog, it’ll be necessary to control your tongue, because this time it’s likely to be too loose. A day full of various sorts of annoyances that could transform your love life into a tornado and your heart into a whirlpool.

Enthusiastic prospects, Pig: You’ll savor enormous joys in more than one domain. You’ll make stimulating encounters, but you’ll have to indulge in a serious introspection session so as to find out exactly what you want.

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