Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes for Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

In the pre-dawn hours, the moon’s sextile to Mars offers us playful energy. We want to demonstrate our intelligence under the Gemini moon, while Mars in Leo stimulates a competitive streak that is optimal for light-hearted games and trivia. The sextile aspect softens our need to win and prevents us from becoming sore losers. We would rather share others’ company and have fun, instead of “beat the competition” and wind up by our lonesome. Additionally, this aspect isn’t half bad for forming romantic connections, and even though it perfects before the start of the day, we will feel buoyed by courageous and aspirational feelings into the morning. After noon, Venus in Leo creates a trine to Chiron in Aries, helping to heal our hearts. We see past romantic disappointments for lessons learned, and commit to being mindful of our attractions to similar personality types who leave us feeling insecure in love. After a hard fall in romance, we tend to wall ourselves off to prevent further pain. There is a time and a place for seclusion, sheltering, and coming back to oneself, as there is a time and place for embracing vulnerability and allowing others to have access to us. This influence offers us the gift of surrender. Acknowledge that you have moved through a dark night of the soul, and because of this, you are again prepared to seek soul-stimulating relationships.

Western Astrology

Aries, your name on the work front is about to rise, as you manage folks well. Maintaining a contented trait can facilitate withdraw a tense scenario reception.

An exciting person is probably going to decorate the house front. A number of you’ll attempt to travel as a bunch for a vacation, Taurus.

Keep the domestic atmosphere as light-weight as doable these days. Gemini, a journey could assist you unwind.

Getting completely immersed in work won’t solely keep you au fait others, however could influence be an honest stress buster, Cancer.

Leo, a loved one will become adamant over some issue and want disciplining. Traveling to a remote location is going to be fun, particularly if it’s with a lover!

You will have to be compelled to learn the ropes quick on the skilled front, if you expect to beat the competition, Virgo. Out of city guests can build your home spirited.

A senior is probably going to place his or her trust in you relating to a very important project or assignment at work, Libra.

Increase in perks and earnings is expected for a few. Your enthusiasm over a problem is probably going to abrase on the family and build the day exciting. Scorpio, use caution on the road.

Sagittarius, good health is assured. Past arrears is also received and promise to fortify your checking account. Your worst fears are seemingly to be accomplished on the skilled front.

Don’t worry, Capricorn; your performance on the skilled front are going to be reviewed in a very favorable light-weight.

You can savor gossip, instead of concentrate on work on the skilled front these days, however you’ll be ready to catch up, Aquarius.

Good shape can cause you to surpass in an out of doors game. Pisces, your earning is probably going to extend. You’ll realize the going swish on the work front.

Chinese Horoscopes

Your professional activities will seem to you outrageously routine, and you’ll be seized by a strong desire to slam the door, Rat.

Ox, if you want to draw benefit from your various projects, act without delay. Don’t attach too much importance to the small discomforts that your anxiety transforms into great sufferings.

Today will be a propitious day for family reconciliations and professional progress, Tiger. You will be attracted to all that is new or still unknown to you.

Rabbit, you’ll be full of drive and enthusiasm while showing a precise and objective mind.

You’ll be able to live a day of chance on the material as well as sentimental planes; profit by it without delay. Dragon, you’ll tend to emphasize difficulties, whereas a little courage will suffice to solve them.

You’ll be edgy and irritable today; completely replace cakes and sweets with nuts and dried fruits, Snake. You may find it difficult to bear an authority, whatever it may be.

You’ll establish complicity ties with your near ones, and everything will work for the better, Horse. Try to control your aggressiveness and your critical mind.

Sheep, this astral climate can help you to set your contradictions straight, and this will increase your chances of personal blossoming. Try as much as possible to weigh the pros against the cons.

A beautiful appetite for life can give you the courage to improve your material living conditions and your sentimental relations, Monkey.

Why don’t you try to find the means to have a short siesta, Rooster? There exists no better remedy against stress and fatigue!

Your sentimental life today is likely to be agreeable and charming, but somewhat ambiguous, Dog. You will be in a period of material chance, even though the possibility to enrich yourself demands many efforts and a realistic view of things.

On the sentimental plane, some black clouds will loom on the horizon because of a divergence in views concerning your ways of appreciating life or perhaps concerning a project; it would be too foolish to spoil moments of happiness for so little, Pig!

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