Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscopes for Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Today you can meet old friends. There can be a family event. Spouse will be supportive. Take care of your health too, Aries.

Taurus, you will be very happy today. Those working in the field will get good news. Money can be beneficial. It’s time to express yourself openly.

You will be very busy today, Gemini. You can waste time on unnecessary tasks. 

You have to work hard to make everything successful, Cancer.

Leo, today you will get the support of luck. There are chances of monetary gains. You can consider investing. 

You will be happy today. The big problem will be solved, Virgo. You will be excited about the completion of some important work in the family. 

Today can prove to be a better day for you. Work can start on new plans. You can invest in financial schemes. You will be able to save a lot, Libra.

Today will be a confused day. Scorpio, you may get some new responsibilities. Don’t give advice to anyone today. 

Today will meet relatives, Sagittarius. There will be some problem in married life. You will have influence in the field of business. Financial condition will be good.

Today will be a better day. The day is going to be very good for the couples. There will be a change in your routine, Capricorn

Today will be a normal day. Drive your vehicle carefully today. Economic conditions will change. Aquarius, there may be a dispute between the couples. 

You will be positive today, Pisces. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. You can get good news from relatives.

Chinese Horoscopes

Watch out for a fatal attraction of some sort today. You could very well be tempted by forbidden fruit, Rat.

Ox, days with mixed energy like this are often confusing and will put you in positions where you have to make decisions.

Be prepared for a kink in your plans today. You are likely to feel drained and not very alert. Make sure you look over your shoulder all day long to avoid being blindsided by someone you know well, Tiger.

A clash of elements rules your day today. Rabbit, this may leave you with a feeling of helplessness as neither day’s pace nor the energy flow are in your favor.

Any sluggishness you feel today is a result of the negative influence of the cosmos, Dragon. Rest assured though that you’ll find enough pop to come out of this day with flying colors.

Snake, it is your day today, but beware of any tricks up the sleeves of your coworkers as they have a bit of your personality in them and may use it against you. 

Frustrations may loom on the work front today because you’re sparked to get things done but others are stuck in a more pensive mode, Horse.

It is definitely one of your better days today, Sheep. Focusing on your appearance will cause your spirit to be greatly lifted. Intellectually, you will find yourself stimulated. 

Monkey, avoid any types of relationship conversations today as you will have more trouble than usual relating to your significant other.

A day of elegance is in store for you. Rooster, if you have some disposable income ready to spend, take a trip to the store and dress yourself up in a stylish, new outfit. 

Dog, you might want to take a very long walk to burn off all that energy today. You will feel a big boost from yesterday, so take care of any tasks you failed to complete.

This could be a disastrous day today, Pig. You know what they say: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


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