Your Daily Western and Chinese Horoscope for Monday, July 5th, 2021

At 9:57 a.m.: The moon is trine Pluto, and the moon void of course begins. Use this time for reflection. At 12:14 p.m.: The sun is sextile Uranus. You may be filled with the confidence needed to break from tradition.

Western Astrology

Tasks of any kind are likely to seem like the labors of Hercules today, Aries. Overwork and strain could have you feeling a little under the weather.

Money matters might be weighing on the mind of a close friend or lover, Taurus, and he or she might seek your advice.

You might have visitors, Gemini, or even a hot date scheduled for tonight. By midafternoon you might feel too tired to go out and wonder if you should cancel.

Deliveries that you expect could be delayed, Cancer. Today you might learn something shocking about a neighbor or relative.

Some good but surprising news could come your way today, Leo. Perhaps a family member or friend will call or drop by with a surprising development that directly affects you.

Today may start out frustrating, Virgo. Be prepared! Some equipment might go on the blink and it could take a while to get it fixed.

Your level of artistic inspiration is high today, Libra. Dreams or meditation may bring up some spiritual insights and revelations, and you may promptly forget them upon coming out of your dream or meditative state.

Some upsetting news regarding money could throw you into a dither today, Scorpio. Perhaps a check you’ve been expecting hasn’t arrived on time.

A setback in your career might have you feeling disoriented, Sagittarius. Equipment might be involved. Don’t go crazy. It’s only temporary.

A delivery that you were expecting from far away might be delayed, Capricorn, causing you to wonder if it might have been lost. It hasn’t.

Today you may feel especially passionate, Aquarius, and desire a romantic encounter. You might even have a hot date scheduled.

A visitor with a few problems might come to your door in search of advice and sympathy, Pisces. He or she might also have some other news that could shock you.

Wood Tiger Day; today, the quality of your commitment will affect the success of your actions. To recieve a reward that will acknowledge your ambition, you must be honest and frank.

Chinese Horoscopes

You’ll be tempted to drop the prey for its shadow and to endanger the security of your present job. Beware of one of your friends, Rat.

Ox, don’t be worried about the shenanigans of an unscrupulous neighbor: he or she will back down! You’ll let yourself be drawn into a whirl of outings and activities with friends, and so you’ll tend to neglect important material problems; try to be more grounded.

In love, follow your intuition, which will be very sure, Tiger. Your material situation should be on the upswing; you’ll have luck with money, notably thanks to winnings in games.

Rabbit, at work, don’t be too kind, and don’t let certain colleagues unload their tasks onto you. Your relationships with your dear ones will lack authenticity and spontaneity; you’ll have a hard time dispelling certain misunderstandings between you and them; don’t force things, let them straighten themselves out gently.

Slight improvement on the financial plane, but continue to be prudent in your expenses. Don’t believe yourself to be a special victim of destiny; be grateful for what life has given to you, Dragon.

Snake, a favorable day for solidifying your material situation. Risks of difficult digestion. Slow down your tempo, for depression is lying in wait for you.

In your work, be vigilant so as to avoid traps and pratfalls, Horse. Concern yourself more with your money problems. If you have an important family problem to solve, tackle it right away; any delay will be quite harmful, for soon you won’t have very clear ideas.

Sheep, concerning your speculations, caution will be necessary. Avoid letting money slip between your fingers.

Excellent news concerning your children, Monkey. You’ll be quite impatient to solve your pecuniary problems; the wisest thing would be to cut down your projected expenses and to try to earn a little more money by exploiting your artistic talents.

Love may fall on you like a powerful avalanche, whether you’re single or not, Rooster. Do some exercise and look to a better diet.

Single people, your single status will seem to you more unbearable than ever; nevertheless, don’t lose hope. You’ll have great chances to meet your soul mate at this time, Dog.

With your increased charm and sense of diplomacy, Pig, you can enhance your image as an innovator in the professional field.

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