A Conversation With KIM!

Kate Anderson-Song Head Interviewer

Introduce yourself! 

Hiiii I am Kim! and I am 15 years old. I am a singer from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve always loved singing since I was a little kid. Singing is my favorite thing to do. And I hope that the songs I make can inspire and relate to all my listeners 🙂

Your single, “Care 4 U,” came out on June 4, 2021.  Can you introduce this song?  What inspired it?  What is it about? 

This song is about the confusing state when you are in some kind of an unofficial relationship with someone who’s playing/not serious. Like you want to move on, but you still have feelings for that person; it’s honestly a heartbreak anthem. It was inspired by a lot of similar stories I’ve heard from a lot of people (around my age specifically).


“Care 4 U” also has the most fun 90s-inspired music video. How did the idea for this music video come about?  How was the experience of making it?

The video was just inspired by a lot of retro aesthetics, the ’90s and 2000s movies. We wanted it to look dreamy and cute. ALSO, A LOT OF SPARKLES AND GLITTER. Making the music video was my favorite thing to do because it was a whole lot of fun. I got to dress up as a boy, and the setting of where we shot it was super cute too. The outfits I wore and the makeup were also stunning.

You made your debut on The Voice Kids Indonesia in 2017, where you were 2nd runner-up.  How was that experience?  What musical experience did you have before that?

I am truly grateful for what I have experienced on The Voice Kids. I would not be where I am today without it. It was a surreal experience having to compete with hundreds of thousands of other kids from Indonesia and getting the 2nd runner up. It definitely jump-started my singing career, and I will be eternally grateful for it. Before The Voice Kids, I just sang a lot in school and joined singing competitions.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?  

I find inspiration for my music from a lot of things I’ve experienced myself. I also listen to a lot of other people’s stories. And just things happening right now in the world (violence, racism, and discrimination). I also read a lot of books for inspiration and listen to albums from artists I love.

How has this time of COVID-19 affected you and your music and your education?  How have you been coping? 

Because of COVID-19, I couldn’t go to school and meet my friends. So I really miss that a lot. I also study from home now (i think everybody does, lol). It hasn’t really affected my studies, though. For my music, I record a lot of stuff from my room and just send it to my producer through Dropbox because we can’t really record together now. It’s kind of hard not meeting people as much as I used to; I miss them a lot, and that’s a bummer. But, I cope by spending time with my family, FaceTiming my friends, songwriting, reading books, and just having fun on my own while listening to music. I also try to find new hobbies during these times, haha.

What does self-care mean to you?  How do you take care of yourself? 

Self-care means prioritizing myself, my mental and physical health over everything else and recognizing the relationship I have with myself and knowing what’s good or bad for me.

I take care of myself by taking a break whenever I need one and not being so hard on myself.


You recently released a new single called “ALL MY GIRLS,” can you tell us a bit about that track and music video?

“ALL MY GIRLS”  is a song about self-empowerment; it shows how strong we girls are and how we can always overcome hard obstacles by supporting one another. The music video is just me and my girl gang (I love them so much) having fun. It shows how powerful we are when we’ve got each other.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?  Any piece of advice you have for others pursuing their musical dreams? 


Here are some rapid-fire questions: 

Your go-to coffee/beverage shop order: Caramel Macchiato or just a simple green tea.

Any special or secret skills (i.e., wiggling your ears, etc.): Ummmmmmmmmmmm, I don’t really know if this a hidden talent, but I can eat really sour stuff XD

Music you’re listening to right now: A lot of rock+2000s music (Avril Lavigne, Beabadoobee, Nirvana) and Frank Ocean. Also, Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo.

Ultimate comfort food: Sushi and carbonara samyang teehee

What has been the highlight of your day today: It’s my mom’s birthday today, and I surprised her earlier. LOL, I just love seeing her excited.

What is upcoming for you and your work: THE ALBUM 🙂

Kimberley Fransa Salim, a.k.a KIM! is a singer and entertainer from Indonesia. She started her singing career at a very young age, and in 2017, she got the second runner-up position on “The Voice Kids Indonesia.”  In 2018, Kim released her debut single, “Shine,” featuring Willy Winarko, which was produced by NSG.  Her cover of Ariana Grande’s hit, “7 Rings,” went viral on YouTube, hitting 1 million views in less than 3 weeks.  With her amazing voice, stage presence, and bubbly personality, Kim is on the rise as a new multi-talented star.  







Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2EVVSRpRPI6B5xw6cbaXCa?si=sc88uQGgR-635q7fIPhqzg&nd=1

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