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In mid-February of this year, Overachiever Magazine interviewed model and actress Gowri Nadella for the first time. Hanging around the suburbs of Chicago, Nadella allowed us to get a glimpse into her life during quarantine and the work she had done so far (like her feature in the Head and the Heart’s music video, “See You Through My Eyes”), but little do we know that it was only just the beginning of a thrilling journey. 

Nadella has truly had a very exciting 2021 so far. At only 17 years old, she has signed with AEFH—one of the top 4 acting agencies in the world—and has already worked on a new campaign with UOMA Beauty, which will be featured in Ulta, Nordstrom, and Boots stories. And yes, she is doing all these incredible things, but she also prides herself on her passion and independence, embracing her love of creativity as an Aquarius, trying new boba places all over the country, and being born on a full moon on Friday the 13th! 

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“As far as I can remember, I’ve always been very expressive,”

Nadella says. “As a child, I was always very candid about my thoughts and feelings and have always been able to naturally express myself through a poised means.

Nadella was initially drawn to the arts when she started taking Indian Carnatic vocal lessons at 6 years old. She loved the creative freedom that went along with singing, and she found herself growing more and more in love with being an artist. 

“My inclination toward acting and modeling was a natural progression of my love of expression and creativity, I feel,” Nadella says.

“Modeling and acting are equal art forms, and I consider my interest in them to be an extension of my creative spirit. Since I started this journey, I’ve been able to discover so much about myself, such as how I am both a creative and critical thinker and continue to grow through every experience I have and every project I work on.”

Not only did her love of the arts start when she was young, but Nadella became fascinated with the business side of things early on as well. 

“As a young child, I used to book all our family vacations at age 8 and talk to customer service representatives over the phone for fun,”

Nadella says. “I know that must sound like torture for some, but for me, it was a favorite pastime. After I started modeling, I began to negotiate contracts and engage in weekly business meetings. I’ve found that I have a passion for contractual law and plan to study business law in college.” 

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At 17, Nadella has to balance a lot in her life, including schoolwork, which she considers her top priority. With AP classes and exams, going to voice lessons, exercising regularly, and making room to learn how to drive and pass her behind-the-wheel test, Nadella has to juggle it all with her modeling and acting as well. Being in the arts and entertainment industry is tough, but Nadella remains optimistic. 

“The number one thing I’ve had to learn is how to deal with rejection,”

Nadella says. “Instead of dwelling on those experiences, it is important to move forward positively and continue working at your craft.

Rejection is something you will face on a daily basis, and I feel well-equipped to handle those situations as a result of the experiences and lessons I have learned through being a part of this industry. In a way, I am grateful to get to experience a vast scope of experiences at a young age, whether they be positive or not.” 

But lately, Nadella has been making her dreams a reality through her campaign for UOMA Beauty, which was recently released on June 19, and signing with her first acting agency, AEFH. Working with such passionate people who share a love for the arts, she has already learned so much and is excited to get involved with more!

“One of the most fulfilling parts about acting is getting to learn more about myself through every experience, audition, and job,”

Nadella says. “Acting requires you to be vulnerable, not just as a character but as an individual. I’ve gotten to constantly challenge myself and grow through acting, and I am so grateful to have an expressive outlet like acting, where I am allowed to push my boundaries.”

You can follow Gowri Nadella on Instagram to keep up with her upcoming projects. Be sure to check out the UOMA Beauty campaign, “Badder Boom,” now! 

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Photo Credit: Meagan Shupter

Gowri Nadella (born February 13, 2004) is a multifaceted American model and actress. Starting at the age of 13, Gowri has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from modeling work to voice-over roles. She has graced the pages of several magazine publications (photo Vogue Italia, SEEMA Magazine, Alpha Teen) and has done various TV/Film projects (‘See You Through My Eyes, Global). Gowri’s fun and easy-going personality, combined with her drive and passion for the arts, are evident in her work and personal life, where she strives to work hard and positively impact those around her. Most recently, Gowri modeled for the latest UOMA Beauty campaign, which will launch in mid-June this year!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gowrinadella/?hl=en 

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