Playlist: Spring Day by BTS but You Have Allergies

New issue, new playlist. Here are some songs to help you get into that springtime mood with a potential reminder of your springtime allergies courtesy of BTS.

This playlist was made with the intention of emulating that springtime vibe, where you’re blasting “Spring Day” by BTS wherever you may be. Now, you may be one to just “Spring Day” on its own for X amount of hours (to each their own), but here are some songs alongside to help give off a soft, calming vibe. In other words, I hope this playlist gives off a “close your eyes my dear everything will be alright as you’re sitting on a hill reading a book against a tree” type of vibe. To bring in the calmness of things, I started off with UMI’s “Introspection Reimagined”, a live interpretation of “Introspection” with a more orchestral band feel to it. The playlist progresses from releasing your main character vibes, with Olivia Rodrigo’s “deja vu” to cruising down the city you live in with “Henny in the Hamptons” by Bren Joy. Of course, “Spring Day” by BTS is added to this playlist and ends off with Sam Rui’s “crew” giving off a moment of solitude in the air.

1. Introspection Reimagined – UMI

2. 111 – thuy

3. Good Days – SZA

4. deja vu – Olivia Rodrigo

5. Floating – Ashley Chiang, Lake Chon

6. Someone New – Ok2222, NVTHVN, Ivoris

7. Tweety – Raveena

8. KUDOS – Ka-Li

9. camellia – slchld

10. Blossom – Porter Robinson

11. North Face – ODIE

12. Henny in the Hamptons – Bren Joy

13. The Sun ft. Bryson Tiller and Raphael Saadiq – KYLE

14. Spring Day – BTS

15. Crew – Same Rui

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