Playlist: Flat White with Oat Milk

For each issue, I will be curating a playlist based on a certain vibe or mood that pertains to how I feel the period of time has been so far. We’re changing things up a bit in this playlist with an overall easy-going cafe studying vibe and opening the selection of songs to all artists.

I decided to start off with this theme as most of us are beginning exam season soon (or are already writing exams). From easy-going bops starting off with “What 2 Do” by DEAN, Crush and Jeff Bernat to hearing “dreamy night” by Us The Duo later in the playlist. Sidenote: you’re a true one if you know when the “owa owa!” part plays in “dreamy night”. To avoid dozing off while studying and to keep the energy going, I’ve added “girlfriend” by Alex Porat and “Ordinary” by UMI in the mix. As a final curveball, and from old TikTok theories, I’ve added “Coconut Mall” from “Mario Kart Wii”. Apparently, listening to “Coconut Mall” on a loop increased the productivity levels for some people. Anyways, here’s a prompt to emulate the overall vibe of the playlist.

POV: After thanking the barista for making your flat white with oat milk, you get all set to study. Do you have a prime table next to an outlet? Check. Your checklist listing everything you need to work on? Check. Type A energy flowing in your veins? Check. Your earbuds? Nope. You take a deep sigh, questioning why you forgot them at home. All of a sudden, the barista changes the music. You pause to take a listen, find it fitting to study alongside, and begin to get into the grind of things.

  1. What 2 Do – DEAN, Crush, Jeff Bernat

  2. Casual – Johnny Stimson, Jeff Bernat, Jesse Barrera

  3. Je Ne Sais – Ezra Waters, Audrey

  4. Honey – Johnny Balik

  5. strangers – biosphere, CIKI, Chris Wright, love-sadKID

  6. girlfriend – Alex Porat

  7. lovememore. – dosii

  8. Crazy – Hope Tala

  9. Just The Two of Us – Kauai45, Sweet Cocoa

  10. dreamy night – Us The Duo

  11. she likes spring, I prefer winter – slchld

  12. Ordinary – UMI

  13. peaches = BABYBOYBLUE, Marylou Villegas

  14. Pearl – YURA

  15. July on Film – Zeauxi

  16. Coconut Mall (From “Mario Kart Wii”) – Arcade Player

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