Different skin deserves different skin care


As an executive working in the skincare industry, Cathy Beaupain was no stranger to the expansive number of products that exist in the global marketplace and promise to address a wide variety of skin conditions. That being said, she was also no stranger to the experience of being an average consumer of these products and being unable to locate anything that could assist with the treatment of her own specific skincare needs. As a result of pregnancy, Cathy battled hormonal melasma, a pigmentation disorder that causes gray or brown discoloration in the skin, and also suffered from facial scarring developed from adult acne. But each time she went on the search to discover new products that could resolve these issues, she found next to nothing. After spending so long testing out dozens of products that either produced no results or that caused more harm than good, she finally decided that she had had enough. 

Combining her industry expertise with her biochemistry background, Cathy created LeCerre, a Los Angeles-based skincare brand born from the science of skin diversity and focused on meeting the needs of a diverse range of consumers, regardless of the complexion of their skin. 

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The majority of dermatological studies referred to for the creation of western skincare are Eurocentric in nature, with most clinical research having been conducted primarily on fair skin types. This means that solutions to skin conditions that disproportionately affect darker skin tones, such as hyperpigmentation, have been essentially ignored by the wider skincare industry. LeCerre rejected this bias by focusing entirely on developing formulations for products that can safely and effectively address these skin conditions for a wide range of skin complexions by utilizing the results of melanin-focused research and through listening to the personal experiences of people of color. 

LeCerre’s name, once translated, means “The Individual”. LeCerre Skincare was created under the philosophy that each individual’s skin differs from others. The brand believes strongly that individuals of color deserve to have access to skincare formulated with their particular needs in mind, creating products that account for the effects of certain ingredients and concentrations on a wide range of skin tones and types, to achieve success and reach an ignored market. 


In addition to providing products that can care for a multitude of skin concerns, LeCerre is focused on expanding its mission of providing diverse skincare to improve the livelihoods of diverse communities around the world through the reduction of waste and through charity. Each of LeCerre’s products are developed with the goal of being multi-purpose, so that the waste associated with creating numerous skincare products each for a single purpose is reduced. At the same time, 1% of all sales are donated to organizations that positively impact underserved communities across the globe.

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