Niti Majethia is an international award-winning writer, editor and spoken word activist.

The Independence Issue: Art Roundup

Each issue we feature art pieces by female Asian artists around the world. This issue we have a variety of pieces from many artists!


“Makibaka” by Hannah Chua

Medium: Procreate.

“The earring was inspired by those sold by BRWNGRLZ on instagram.” 


“Mother Earth” by Amirah Sheikh

Medium: digital
@axshei on Instagram.

“thoughtlessness – a girl & drapery” by

Melissa Lin

Social Media (on Twitter and Instagram): @gaydepresso 

Medium: Oil Pastels

Artist: Jamilla Dartley
Pieces (L to R): “Summer wild flowers”, “Lone barn”, “Backyard nature”
Medium: Gouache on paper

Generality: “what’s the difference?” by Xiaoli O. Chang 常
@milkchaos on Instagram
Medium: video and photography

 “Is it true that I’m rootless?” by Xiaoli O. Chang 常
@milkchaos on Instagram
Medium: video and photography

Artist: Keishin Sadava

Artist: Shunayna Vaghela
@shunayna_ on Instagram
Pieces (L to R): “Over the Mountain”, ”Summer of Self Care”, “Got my own back”


“Rosy Horror” by Riya Mathew

Social media (Instagram):

Medium of artwork: Graphite, Coloured pencils, & Acrylic paint

Artist: Miranda Serrano
Pieces: “A Boy Goes on a Trip” and “Polifishians”
Medium: pen and colored pencils, pen and ink
@mirandaisdoingthings on Instagram

Artist: Rebecca Entrican
Instagram: @flourescendence
Pieces (L to R):
oil on canvas

cultural abstraction
oil on canvas

Take and Take and Take Out
oil, acrylic, and spray paint on MDF
3’x4’ approx

Wan Wan Goldfish
gouache on paper


“Nightly Blues” by Kayla Burke
@kaylaburk.e on Instagram
Medium: Acrylic and pen on canvas


Artist: Sherly Prince


“Akka Thangai” by Prashanti Aswani

Medium: Digital Illustration

“Cyber Face (2016)” by Sophia Nguyen

Social media: @nau.seous (Instagram)

Medium: mixed media art; magazine papers and gouache pain

“Feeding Our Daughters” by Evelyn Wong
Medium: Rice bowls and utensils, 33 scrolls made with traditional Chinese calligraphy ink on rice paper

“The Immigration of Kudzu” by Evelyn Wong
Size: 3” x 3” closed, 3” x 31” open
Medium: Accordion book with pen, pencil, and cut-paper collage

“My Uncle Is Dead” by Evelyn Wong
Size: Original: 12” x 18” x 1” closed, 12” x 36” x 1” open
Published Version: 8” x 10” x 1” closed, 8” x 20” x 2” open
Medium: Post-screw book with pen, pencil, marker, digital print, and cut paper collage

Artist: Lisa Chin

“Messi” by MIYARA
@baekshore_drive on Instagram
Medium: Music video

Answer collab S Suga hurt 190818 (1).jpg

“under surveillance “ by

Devika Bahadur

Instagram- @db_artartist

Art medium- Digital art (Photoshop)

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