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Celebrating Pride Month

June is pride month. It’s a month to not be afraid of being yourself. At least, that’s how I see it. Because we celebrate pride in June, I feel more comfortable with wearing LGBTQ+ accessories. Even if it weren’t June, I’d still wear it. It’s the time to remember that you’re not alone. A lot of people are still afraid to show their true colors because of all the hate in this world. All anyone wants is to grow old with someone they love. 

People view LGBTQ+ relationships as abnormal, but the way I see it, it’s just celebrating love with someone you care about. All they want to do is hold their hand and be with them in public. They don’t want to be afraid. It’s society that’s making them feel like they’re not normal when they are. Their feelings are valid. 

How I celebrate is watching LGBTQ+ movies, playing video games, and listening to songs! It makes my heart all warm instead. LGBTQ+ movies are great to watch with family and friends! It’s like a supportive group where you don’t have to walk on eggshells. 

Life is Strange is a series that I’ve played on Playstation. It’s a great game, especially Life is Strange: Before The Storm. It showcases the relationship between Chloe Price and Rachel. Chloe Price can be described as a rebel, and Rachel is the perfect, beautiful popular girl in school. Their relationship was formed when Rachel stood up for Chloe in a fight at a concert. One day, they skipped school and went on a journey, and things really started heating up when they were on a train, having intimate conversations. I was shocked that Chloe liked Rachel in that way, but I was here for it! It wasn’t sexualized, but it was so pure and cute how they liked each other. 

 Along with Life is Strange, I cannot stop watching Love, Simon. It’s about Simon falling for a guy he met online. Truth is, they haven’t met yet, and neither of them were out. Simon was blackmailed by an acquaintance. Simon’s blackmailer, Martin Addison, threatens to tell everyone that Simon is gay if he doesn’t help Martin get his crush, Abby Suso, to like him back. Watching the movie gets my emotions riled up. No one should be outed by anyone. People will come out on their own time, not on your time. There’s a specific scene after Simon came out, and his mom was really supportive of him. “You are still you, Simon.” That’s very true. No matter your sexual identity, you are still the same person. People want to make you feel different, but you’re still the wonderful human brought into this earth. People tend to forget, so encourage them to remember. It’s a movie that normalizes intimate feelings for another human being, and it’s very lovely. It’s just sad and depressing that not everyone has that kind of support system, and it really messes up your mentality. 

Although I love watching LGBTQ+ content, I also love listening to queer artists because it makes me super happy and excited about love for some reason. If you don’t know “Lesbian Jesus,” it’s time you get acquainted with her. “Lesbian Jesus” is a nickname fans would describe Hayley Kiyoko. Her songs will get you in a dancing mood. Before I go on a date or talk to a girl, Hayley’s songs will get me pumped up and instill confidence in myself. Plus, Hayley is a style icon. Whenever I need style inspiration, I always look up to Hayley. 

I love buying LGBTQ+ content for accessories, especially pins! I do have a gaysian pin that is sold by Queer Asian Social Club, and I like to wear it on my black hat! I love supporting small businesses that are LGBTQ+ to show my support! 

Yes, pride is a celebration, but it’s also a remembrance that the first pride was a riot. LGBTQ+ individuals always had to fight for their rights for society to normalize their relationships because it’s simple. It’s people in love with each other, but people like to restrict others and would only allow them to live how they think you’re supposed to live. We’re always taught to love each other and be kind, but so many people are hypocrites. These days, people are divided, especially when it comes down to Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter. Then someone had said, “If all lives matter, what about LGBTQ+ black lives? Do they matter too?” There were some people who said they don’t condone LGBTQ+ lifestyle. The fact that people think that being LGBTQ+ is a lifestyle is disgraceful. 

Humans have emotions. We know how we feel when we’re in love. We will not walk through life lying to people about who we love. So what if people are in a same-sex relationship? Feelings don’t just change in an instant. LGBTQ+ relationships are normal. Just like heterosexual couples— but lots of people will beg to differ. 

We can’t force anyone to change their minds but can do our best to educate people and let them know it is okay to be an LGBTQ+ individual. People love to live in a traditional mindset, but we need to be in a world where we promote love and equality. Even though laws prohibit people from firing someone who identifies as LGBTQ+, it’s the society we live in, the people and their standards, that we need to forever resist. There’s so much we have to fight for because, sadly, there will always be people who will try to tear you down. Don’t let that happen. People won’t accept what they don’t understand. I don’t believe people will truly understand what it’s like to be LGBTQ+ unless they’re in the shoes of someone in the gay community. 

If you have an LGBTQ+ friend, family member, co-worker, etc. Let them know they are valid and that you love them. It’s always sweet when people spread positive vibes. 

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