South Asians for Black Lives is a program of Malikah started by a collective of South Asian women in California. The program is aimed at calling in our South Asian community to dismantle anti-Blackness, build antiracist coalitions and to inspire folks to join the abolitionist movement. We are learning as a collective to do this through a transformative justice and healing approach. Moreover, we ground ourselves in a BIPOC feminist ethics.

The Wellness Issue: Poetry Roundup

Each issue we feature the pieces of Asian womxn all around the world. Here are this issue’s pieces!

Dear Asian Girl by Stephanie Hu

Dear Asian Girl,
Let me tell you a story 
She was young, at first
Young and proud, at first.
Roots nurtured by her ancestors,
she would lie on the ground
to soak up their wisdom.
Short, stubby branches reached out 
to touch their souls
and she would feel the life 
that once danced on this sacred land.
She would taste the golden nectar of her language
from the seeds her mother planted.
Her pride: the sunlight that fed,
her stories: the sweet water that nurtured,
her traditions: the soila structure of all things beautiful. 

But soon, her branches grew, 
grew into the unknown,
And she went into the world 
in search of greener pastures,
But instead she found dying roots.                                                        

Savage—they called her
Chink, Paki, Dink, Gook, Raghead.
They claimed she stung with her thorns
But they didn’t know her thorns were her beauty
And they tainted her sunlight, until the fire burned her insides
Casted a dry spell until it robbed her of her water
Stole her fruit,
Snapped her branches, 
Colonized her soil.
Until her songs became only a faint memory on her lips
And her stories, stayed forgotten dreams

But Dear Asian Girl,
Do not forget where you came from.
Lie on the ground again and 
turn back the clock.
Revisit your mother’s kitchen,
fill the air with notes of sour and sweet, 
And feel prickles of spice soothe your throat

And Dear Asian Girl, 
you know you’re home. 
Like that of a child,
let your people’s lullaby sing you to sleep,
Harmonize to a chorus so sweet
That you can taste the wonders on your tongue

Because Dear Asian Girl,
We sing our tunes in different tongues
Different swirls and different drums
beat the same beat, 
Our hearts still beat the same beat
And together, Asian girl, we create our own harmony- 
A battle cry so loud, 
you can hear it in your chest when you breathe
and smell the burning fire when you scream  

Look around you, 
see how far we’ve come?
Well dear Asian girl, 

we’ve only just begun.

Overachiever Magazine was started by Rehana Paul in October of 2018 to give a platform to all Asian women, non-binary people, and other gender minorities.

Our name is poking fun at the stereotype that all Asians are overachievers, especially Asian women, non-binary people, and other gender minorities. It’s also in recognition of all of us who have had no choice but to be overachievers: managing societal expectations, family obligations, and educational opportunities, all while fighting the patriarchy.

We have grown since then, putting out bimonthly issues (we are contributor powered: apply to write for our next one!), and weekly reviews of culture, and news that is important to us.

You can find announcements, more news, and get to know our staff on social media: give us a follow, and learn how you can get involved today!

We do not claim to speak for all Asian women, non-binary people, and other gender minorities. We are just here to give them a place to speak for themselves.

We hope you’ll join us.

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