Love: Of Feathers and Wings

Love: Of Feathers and Wings – A poem by Annette Grace

Like Icarus and the Sun, 

I knew of you,

Then yearned for you, 

Only from afar could I,

long for you.

It pains me to see you go at night. 

But from dusk till dawn,

I’ll wait for you,

Just to see you shine again. 

Like Icarus and the Sun,

Madly in love,

With all of me and

All of you.

So, when I said, 

I love you too

Your face lit up with Resonating light,

that chased away

The gloomy days and 

Nightmarish thoughts.

  Like Icarus and the Sun,

Our love burned vigorously,

Your touch set my body ablaze,

Your kiss, scorching hot

Body made of wax,

under you I Melted,

a heat you ignited within

And a warmth radiating from you

Has left me,

craving for more. 

Like Icarus and the Sun,

A star like you shone so bright,

But everyone knew,

Far hotter, you were blazing too.

My heart grew wings,

I flew to you,

Unknowingly that you’d burn me too.

So, that ends the story of me and you.

You turned the page,

I burned the book. 

Find Annette here:

INSTAGRAM: @annettegrace_

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