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Reading can take your imagination and creativity to a whole other level. I have always enjoyed reading books ever since I was a kid. I read books that are 200-1000 words pages but there are times where I don’t want to read as much. A fun alternative way is to read animes. I love the graphics animes have. It’s really cute, colorful and detail-oriented. 


Webtoons are comics where you can read anytime online. Webtoons was originated in South Korea and founded by Junkoo Kim in 2005. 

I have used this app on my IPhone for over 1 year. This app will log you out sometimes so it’s a pain to re-enter your password. I never remembered my password so I would always have set it up again. After you enter your password, it has a lot of recommendations for you to read. You can use the app or Webtoon’s website. I prefer the app so I can take it anywhere with me. 

I enjoy reading Webtoons but I can’t read for more than 1 hour on my phone or else I’d have a headache. Digest these comics slowly but surely if you’re like me. If you’re getting ready for work or school then read the shorter chapters to brighten up your day. 

All of these animes are read by chapters. Most of these series are a short read per chapter while others are a tad long but engaging and interesting. A lot of these stories are also really quirky and relatable. You can read genres on LGBTQ+, romance, high school and horror reads. 

Hey, I’m Gay! By Fulcagay

Each chapter is short and sweet. It’s labeled as a comedic comic. It confronts questions strangers or people may ask someone who’s gay. For instance, “How do you know you’re gay if you’ve never been with a guy?” In chapter 4, the main character fired back, “How do you know you don’t like fried insects if you’ve never had it?” At the end, the character puts their hands on their mouths so they can shut up. Most of us would like to cover people’s mouths so they don’t ask dumb questions such as that one. Although, we already do in our heads.  This comic is based on real-life experiences and there are no sex scenes, just lines that can make us laugh. 

Cat Loaf Adventures By Kyutepastry

This comic has two of my favorite things mixed together- bread and cats! What’s funnier and cuter than bread loaves that look like cats! These cats don’t just sit around waiting for their owner to come, oh no. They have plenty of adventures and make friends along the way. This comic also has lots of cute puns. Now, are you bready to read it? Grab some eggnog and sit comfortably in a chair or on your bed and get ready to have your heart warmed up.

True Beauty By Yaongyi

This is the perfect example of relatability. Most girls, especially in middle school started watching beauty videos on YouTube. They enjoy it so much they started asking their parents to purchase makeup for them. Next thing you know, they’re trying to perfect that cat eyeliner to make their eyes pop. 

In middle school, I only wore Smackers lip gloss. It wasn’t until I started college that I was really into beauty videos. At first, I wanted to look better, cuter and older than I looked. I am an Asian American female after all so I always look like I’m 12. With makeup, I didn’t look older but I did like the way I looked with it. Now, I love makeup because it’s a fun way of experimenting with colors. No one knows your face and features better than you so keep playing around with different colors and eyeshadows to see what’s best for you. 

I would look almost the same with or without makeup but the main character, Jugyeong, in this series, looks completely different. For example, she has sparse eyebrows so she fills them up. 

She thought she looked ugly because she couldn’t get people to compliment her or treated her kindly. Now that she’s transformed her look, her beauty has to be kept secret. People may know what she looks like with makeup but not many had actually seen her without it. She is trying to maintain a certain imagine because she likes how people treat her with it on. She also has a crush on one of the guys so she’s trying her best to catch his attention. This series is filled with drama and jealousy. It’s so juicy, kind of reminds me of Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Blair also likes to maintain her image. 

Sweet Home By Youngchan Hwang/Carnby Kim 

This story starts out really sad and the character is easy to love/hate. Hyun’s family was killed in a car accident. As a high schooler, he has to learn to live on his own and take care of himself. Since his family died, you would feel sympathy for him. His personality and behavior is dark and twisted. He’s rather be left alone and just before his mother died, he shut his mother out and was cold towards her. 

It makes you think about how many times you’ve been horrible to someone and regret what you’ve said and done but can’t do a thing about it because they passed away. 

Hyun went to his family’s funeral to pay his respects, at least that’s what some people may think. He held out how much money his family left him and had the audacity to ask, “How can he live off this amount of money?” He asked at his family’s funeral in front of everyone. With that type of behavior, people have thought he was selfish and rude. 

It might seem like a typical day but then people keep getting nosebleeds, sometimes more than nosebleeds. Next thing you know, there are monsters trying to take over the world. This is definitely a thriller, read it slowly and carefully to build up the suspension. 

This app contains too many great reads and it makes time seem faster. If you need to laugh or cry, this is the place for you. This app is great for anime lovers like I am. 

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