Asians Create: A Review of “The Bisexual” TV Show

There are movies and television shows created by Asians that most Americans haven’t seen before. It’s time to bring Asian representation to light. Ever since Crazy Rich Asians, I would like to see more shows, movies and podcasts with Asians creating for the public eye. One of the TV shows I’m reviewing is The Bisexual. 

The Bisexual

I love that this show was created by a female, bisexual, Iranian-American. The show speaks about topics we don’t necessarily talk about with each other, especially in the Asian community such as sex, sexuality and the anatomy of the human body. 

The show starts off by explaining how the main characters, Leila, played by Desiree Akhavan, and Sadie, played by Maxine Peake, fell for each other.  Just like any couple, there’s always a beautiful beginning as to how they got together. They were both asked if they wanted to start a family: “If we were men, you wouldn’t be asking us that question,” said Leila. By that statement alone, you can sense that this show will use satire against stereotypes.

Leila also brings up the topic of masturbation with a guy and asks  if he felt uncomfortable while listening to her talk about it. In reality, there are a lot of topics people would feel uncomfortable to listen to. This show can help normalize these  topics by having a civil conversation about it.

All great couples also break up. Leila and Sadie are also business partners so the vibe between them is awkward despite  trying to stay professional. Oh the days where we always have to see our exes in high school or college, but in their case, they have to meet all the time.  

The Bisexual is rated MA for mature audiences. You can check out the show on Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime and Google Play. It’s witty, sarcastic and helps normalize taboo topics, ones we wouldn’t normally have in conversations. No one ever talks about sex or sexuality to their in the Asian community because it’s considered a naughty topic. It’s time to take back those “naughty” topics to help others understand more about themselves.

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