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The coziest season is finally here! Grab your pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate, your favorite fall sweater, nice jeans, sneakers and a book and snuggle into your bed! As the weather gets chilly, it’s important to warm your body with outfits that are stylish to you so you don’t catch a cold. You will be turning heads when you walk through the door. Style is important but so is comfortability. What’s the point in wearing an outfit if you can’t move in it? 

There are various ways to put an outfit together for the fall. Here are some YouTuber Rachspeed’s style. I will also incorporate my own style to show you since fall is my favourite season for fashion! For a couple outfits I’ll include a link provided from Rachel. You can keep these outfits in mind but you can find a less expensive alternative, especially if you’re trying to save money like I am. 

Basic Fall Outfits You’ll Actually Wear – Rachspeed

Simply Comfortable

This first outfit from Rachel screams crazy comfortable. It’s a perfect outfit, especially if you’re meeting a friend for coffee or reading a book in the library. She’s wearing a long sleeved gray sweater, flared dark blue jeans and a brown belt. You can purchase the long sleeved gray sweater anywhere but she linked a similar sweater from Urban Outfitters. It’s being sold for $52 online. You can also buy the skinny flare dark wash jeans for a lesser price but she linked it to Revolve. Her belt is a vintage Gucci and her shoes are a chunky heeled booties from See By Chloe.

Imagine that: You’re wearing this outfit but something is missing. You go into your closet to see your accessories. Should I wear jewelry? Is that what’s missing? You try it on but you’re thinking, “not much pizazz.” Then you look over to your right and you see a brown fedora. You try it on and your confidence rose up to 100%. Checking your phone but no one is hitting you up. “Thank god,” as you say with a sigh.

 Before heading to a destination, you breathe in the pumpkin spice car scent you bought at Yankee Candle. Now you need directions but wait, your neighbors have Halloween decorations out already. It’s October, do you know what that means? Halloween decorations are here to stay! At least for this month. 

Your favourite coffee shop is decked with Halloween decorations and inside the store, it has fake spider webs, skulls and funky decorations for sale that’s inspired by the holiday! You decide to order pumpkin spice latte since it’s the season for it! You’re at a small table and you’re people watching. Everyone is looking cute in their outfits. There’s a book in your purse so you grab it out and start reading. You’re enjoying the day so far and keeping yourself company. Who said you need friends to have fun? You can have fun hanging alone. 

Model Chic 

When this outfit was presented on screen, my heart stopped for a moment. Instantly I had gossip girl vibes. This outfit is classy. You can wear this to any event, especially when you’re going out on the town. She’s wearing a black turtleneck sweater, black tights, a wool gray skirt, a black purse and black boots.This outfit will make you look sleek. She linked a black turtleneck sweater from the Gap. It’s being sold for $69.95. The black tights she linked are also from the Gap and is sold for $14.95. Who doesn’t love a wool gray skirt? It’s simple yet elegant. The skirt is a little bit above the knee. She linked it to COS for purchase. It’s being sold for $99 and comes in two colors, black and turquoise. Her handbag is from Alexander Wang. She also linked a black cowboy ankle boots from Massimo Dutti. It’s sold for $259 CAD. 

Imagine that: You’re looking in the mirror but you think your hair is a mess. Quickly, you head to your hat collection. There are different types of hats- baseball caps, fedoras, but at last, you found a black newsboy hat. You put it on your head and you’re feeling amazing. You can’t stop staring at yourself in the mirror so you take a couple selfies. You’re checking your watch and it’s already noon. Time to hit the town! 

You head downtown to grab a cup of hot chocolate, but try not to spill it on your outfit. Once the cashier hands you your drink, you immediately take a whiff of that warm hot cocoa. You’re breathing in and out. Now, it’s time to head to the art museum. 

You see this beautiful beige art gallery and you’re at the foot of the steps. Before heading in to see the wonderful pictures from talented artists, you sit on the stairs that are close to the entrance. Everyone around you has a person to talk to but you’re more of an introvert. You like to enjoy your own company and be inspired. Who knows, perhaps you’ll want to take on photography or painting. Once you finish your masterpiece, you’ll let your friends know. Now your thoughts are finished, it’s time to head inside! 

Style Your Sweatpants 

When you first think of sweatpants, an image of a couch appears in your mind. That’s right, you can lounge around your house in these sweatpants and watch TV. The outfit can look stylish in your home but it could be rockin’ in the streets too. This look is really easy and it’s a go-to look, especially when you’re in university.

 You can wear sweatpants but Rachel is actually wearing white joggers, a black and white sweater, a black crossbody bag and black boots. She didn’t include links for the sweater or joggers. She bought the sweater from Shein in 2018 and the knit sweats are from Zara last season. She did link similar boots from All Saints. At this point, most of the sizes are sold out so if you’re interested in the boots, check out the link and try to find a similar pair near you. She also had a crossbody bag of a Gucci flap purse.

Imagine that: You’re in your home and longing to go outside for some fresh air. There’s a pitter-patter on your window so you walk over to see what’s going on outside. Your idea of walking outside is ruined by the rain. As you sigh gently, you’re walking around your house wondering what to do next. You open your laptop to go on social media but you’re still bored five minutes later. You go to your movie shelf to see what you’re wanting to watch next. You’ve seen it all at least once so you’re unsure. Then your finger lies on Rent. Your eyes light up when you see the cover and pop it in your TV. You run over to the kitchen to grab your favorite snack, which are chips and cheese. You’re running to your room because you don’t want to miss a thing. You’re glad it’s raining outside because this is a picture perfect moment right here. 

City Outfit 

With this outfit, you’re ready to hit the streets of New York City. She’s wearing a gray sweater, white wide leg pants and white sneakers. 

She linked this gray sweater to Aritzia. There are eight colors for this sweater so you can choose your favorite color. The price for the sweater is $165. The white pants are from Aritzia as well and it costs $110. The pants come in four different colors. The sneakers are Stan Smith white sneakers but those are sold out at Urban Outfitters. You can purchase similar shoes anywhere. 

Imagine that: It’s a beautiful autumn day and you want to go into town at 1:00 p.m. You’re looking through the window of your New York City apartment. You realize you’re in Manhattan, right? Once you step outside, the city is your oyster. There’s restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, and coffee shops you can explore. You stop by a local vintage store to purchase a dress, you hop over to a french cafe and at last, having a cosmopolitan at a rooftop bar at night. Life is going great for you. You’ve been stressed out all week and this is a sweet way to relax. Make sure you don’t get so drunk that you don’t forget tomorrow. 

Pumpkin Patch Perfection 

I will share two of my favorite fall outfits. I’ve watched a lot of fall hauls and lookbooks and I’ve been inspired to bring my outfits to the next level. 

One of my outfits is a mustard colored dress with a peter pan collar. I recently bought this dress at Forever 21 and it has become my favorite. I can instantly picture myself wearing this at a pumpkin patch. I bought the boots awhile ago but it’s a military style boot. You don’t have to wear a hat but I loved the way my black fedora looked with it. 

Imagine that: You’re at a pumpkin patch with friends. It’s your first time here so you weren’t sure what to expect. You see an apple cider stand on the right side near the entrance and you run over. Once the hot apple cider is in your hands, your face lights up like a child seeing Santa. You see your group of friends over by the pumpkins so you rush over there. One of your friends wants to do a photoshoot for 10 minutes so you guys do. Man, we all look cute! You captured a lot of moments and you can’t wait to post them on social media. You guys spend over 4 hours at the patch. Until next time, my dear friends. 

Skate Day 

This outfit is laid back. If you love to skate like I do, this is a great outfit. I’m wearing a large blue fedora, gray t-shirt and light blue pants. I purchased the blue fedora at Wild Cactus Boutique. I bought the gray t-shirt on Etsy. The shoes are Adidas and I bought the purse in Canada. In Montreal, I was window shopping but I don’t use purses too often. When I saw this purse, I instantly had clueless vibes. I was so in love with this purse, I knew I had to buy it. It goes great with every outfit. If it’s a bit chilly outside, you can always pair it with a beige cardigan, flannels or a jean jacket. With an outfit like this, you can pair it with any jacket. 

You don’t have to buy new clothes in order to have amazing outfits. You can utilize what you have. Go take a look in your closet to see what you have. Go on Pinterest or Tumblr to find some inspiration and try outfits on. Don’t be afraid to wear accessories as well. If you love an outfit and a red scarf but people say it doesn’t look good? Wear it anyways! As long as you feel confident in it, no one can take that away from you. 

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