Travel Essentials

These essentials will work for any season. Traveling is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. Exploring different places, seeing new faces, it’s like you’re starting all over again. These faces haven’t seen you before, so you could reinvent yourself and have on a different personality. If you’re a shy, quiet girl like I am, once you’re in a new place, you’ll want to feel social because you never know what stories these strangers could have. I enjoy turning to YouTube to see other people’s travel essentials! I especially love seeing TheLineUp’s travel essentials. 

Our Travel Essentials 

TheLineUp started with two stylish females, Julia Dang and Maya Nilsen. In this video, there were two of them because this was in 2018 but now Julia is TheLineUp. TheLineUp has videos such as back to school outfits, music inspired outfits and lookbooks. Even though this video was in 2018, their advice is still relevant. 


Maya loves bringing headphones everywhere, especially when traveling. Any place with a large crowd will create lots of noise and we’d like to relax before entering a city. Bring some headphones to chill out with your music and get into a more positive mindset. Plus, with music, it’s like you’re performing in front of a crowd in your head. Just imagine yourself singing and dancing on stage while your crush looks at you with a dreamy look on their face. Maya likes to bring two types of headphones, earbuds and on-ear headphones. If she uses the earbuds and on-ear headphones for a long period of time, they can hurt her ears. So, it’s better if she has a variety to switch it up. 

Portable Charger 

Julia uses a portable charger when she travels. It’s convenient, especially when there’s not an outlet around. We live in a society where we use our phones often. Most people check their social media every five minutes, FaceTime relatives or purchase items on our phones. We use our phones so often, the battery life is always declining. That’s why a portable charger was invented, so we could continue using our phones. The portable charger is like an outlet, except we can actually carry the charger around. 


Travel adapters are also called travel plug converters. If you’re traveling to a different country, their wall sockets might be different. For instance, the U.S. plugs have two flat vertical prongs, whereas in the U.K, they use a plug with one vertical prong on top and two horizontal prongs on the bottom. You could buy one international adapter that can be used in various countries. You can use the converter to charge your phone, laptop, iPad, or any other electronic device you desire. 


What’s great about headbands are, it comes in different designs and colors. There are many cute and affordable headbands you can purchase. They can be used for different purposes. You can use the headband to tie an outfit together. If you forget to wash your hair for days and it’s oily, you can use the headband to hide the oil. Those strangers on the street wouldn’t know if you haven’t washed your hair in two days. Maya loves carrying at least three scrunchies in her purse because you never know if you could lose one. I have purchased 4 scrunchies every other month because I keep losing it. Just recently, I bought a velvety, pumpkin colored scrunchie because it reminded me of fall. When I went home one night, I found two other scrunchies that were lost. Which was a win for me since I have more than I thought. I love scrunchies because they are cute and they don’t get tangled in your hair, as hair ties do for me. 

Extra Undies and Socks 

This is self-explanatory, bring more undergarments and socks than expected. Who knows, if you’re a female, that time of the month could come unexpectedly. If, for some reason you didn’t bring enough undergarments or socks, you might have to purchase at the nearest store and that can be a pain. Well, for me it would be, especially since I feel weird when people see the undergarments I’m purchasing when checking out. 


Maya usually brings sneakers when traveling but uses slippers when she’s using the bathroom. “You don’t want to go without shoes on because people might not pee in the toilet, it’s going to be wet and you’re like, ‘Oh damn, I only brought one pair of socks.’ So, I definitely would recommend bringing some sort of slides,” said Maya. 


If you wear glasses, bring them so you can see the beauty that’s around you. You could see different stores, houses, people, landscapes, and even the sunset and sunrise. Also, you’ll need the glasses if you’d like to order food at restaurants because humans need to eat in order to continue on their journey. Julia uses contacts but she brings an extra pair of glasses as well. She doesn’t like to use her contact lens on the plane since it can get dry. Instead, she’ll use her contacts on ground transportation such as trains. 


 Maya doesn’t like to bring brushes since she’ll put it in her big luggage. When traveling, she’s trying to simplify her items so it’s more of the essential needs. She’ll take combs from hotels and hostels. If you’re paying for the room, why not take the comb with you? Hotels and hostels could always replace the item. Hotel/hostel combs are small and portable.

Toilet Paper 

This may sound like a weird item to travel with but it’s necessary. If you’re traveling to certain countries, they may not have toilet paper or they ran out. If that happens and you aren’t carrying toilet paper around, you may start to panic. It’s better to bring toilet paper or tissues with you for sanitary reasons. You never know when you’ll need it. 

Fanny Packs 

When traveling on planes, Maya would prefer to have as much leg space as possible. That’s why she brings a fanny pack, as opposed to a purse. Fanny packs are smaller and can fit all of her essential needs for the flight. 

Face Mists

 Anytime you’re on an airplane, your skin tends to feel dry. Well, you are thousands of feet away from the ground so your face wouldn’t feel too moist. You still need to take care of your skin, even on an airplane. It may feel weird if you’re using the mist around strangers but it wouldn’t seem weird around relatives. If you’re in a situation where you’re on a plane by yourself, then you could take the mist to the restroom to hydrate your face. Julia uses Avene Thermal Spring Water face mist. It’s great for all skin types. On Avene’s website, it said it’s been soothing people with sensitive skin ever since 1743. This mist has he
lped calm, soothe, and soften the skin. It’s ideal for those with red, sensitive skin and you can use it after a workout or just to freshen up the face. It’s $18.50 for 10.1 fluid oz. 

Makeup Bags 

Maya puts her skin care products in a bag so she can carry it around. Maya uses the Banana Bright Eye Cream by Olehenriksen. This is nice for all types of skin as well. Since this eye cream has vitamin C, it helps brighten up the eyes, targets early signs of aging, and decreases the appearance of dark circles. If you wear concealer then this eye cream can help with the application and wear time. This eye cream is ideal for people who have fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and dryness. The eye cream costs $38 at Sephora and it contains 0.5 oz. She uses a renewing face oil by Aco. This face oil also helps with the aging signs and gives you a natural glow. It has natural oils of meadow, rapeseed, and coconut. The meadow seed oils helps with keeping the skin soft and moisturized.

The rapeseed oil nourishes the skin and builds a protective layer to keep moisture in the skin. You can purchase this item from Beauty of Scandinavian for $23.99. When researching for this product, it was hard to find where you can purchase it. When I found information about the product on Aco’s website, it’s all in swedish so I had to translate the page. She also uses Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop. The oil helps deal with blemishes and is vegan.

It’s usually $10.50 on The Body Shop’s website and contains 0.33 fluid oz. A toner is also used from this brand. There’s a Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner that helps clear up the skin. You need to shake the bottle in order to activate the mattifying powders to help reduce shine. It’s best to use this after removing makeup to make sure you’re getting rid of all the impurities that could clog up your pores. This is best for people with oily skin. It’s $14 on the website and contains 8.4 fluid oz. 

Face Masks

 In order to help hydrate your skin, different forms of masks are needed. There are sheet masks and sleep masks that Maya loves to use. Each type of face masks can help with certain needs. It also doesn’t hurt to feel pampered and it takes up approximately 15-20 minutes. During those minutes, you could read a book, watch TV, or do any chores that’s needed. Maya uses Cosrx One Step Original Clear Kit sheet mask. This is sold at Ulta for $6 online. The formula for the sheet mask is for oily and acne-prone skin. This packaging includes a cleanser, toner pad, and a healing mask. 

She also uses Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Overnight Mask from The Body Shop. This mask is also for oily skin. You can put this mask on after you’ve finished your skincare routine. Leave this on overnight for a more clear and healthy looking skin. This costs $22 at Ulta and has 2.5 fluid oz. In addition to face masks, Julia and Maya also suggests to bring your favorite lip balm or lip mask with you. That way, your lips won’t have the appearance of dead skin. 

Makeup Wipes 

Ladies and gents, please do not go to sleep without wiping your makeup off. If you leave your makeup on, it can clog up your pores. If you leave on eye makeup, it could cause an infection. For your lip makeup, it could cause blackheads or breakouts on your skin around your lips. You can buy makeup wipes anywhere, especially at drugstores. Personally, I’d rather not use makeup wipes so instead, I use a cleansing balm from Clinique. It’s great for sensitive skin and takes off all your makeup in one sitting. It’s $30 at Ulta but it’s worth it. The size is 3.8 fluid oz so it’ll last a long time. These are some of the essentials I’ve listed from TheLineUp’s video.

There were some products I’ve never thought of purchasing before but now perhaps I will. For instance, a portable charger. I always bring a charger with me but perhaps it’s time to invest in a portable charger. Mainly, because I’m tired of trying to find an outlet everywhere I go. I hope some of these essentials will be beneficial to you. There are a couple more I haven’t mentioned so if you want to know what those products are, here’s a link.


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