Fall Outfit Essentials

If you’re in an area where you have colder weather, then you’ll get to experience the pumpkin spice lattes, leaves changing, wearing jackets outside and taking pictures. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, not only for the aesthetics and drinks but because it’s a reminder that it is a new beginning. Leaves change and so do we. I’ve graduated college already but some of my friends are still in school. During Labor Day weekend, I get to go on another trip to Canada. I’ll use some of these travel essentials and hopefully I’ll get to wear these fall clothing. If not for Labor Day weekend, then I’ll wear it when it’s colder out. I love turning to YouTube for new essentials I can use and get inspired for my fall outfits. I have been waiting all year for autumn just so I could bring out my cute fall outfits! For fashion and travel essentials, I turn to ToThe9’s YouTube channels. 

Fall Clothing Essentials-ToThe9’s

ToThe9’s consists of two amazing females, Cassie Masangkay and Ricci Pamintuan. Their personalities are so sweet and outgoing. They are also from Vancouver, Canada. All of their videos are creative and is related to beauty. In this video, they show style pieces they enjoy wearing during the fall. 

Denim Jackets

These jackets can pull an outfit together really well. With this essential piece, you wear it with anything. For instance, if you have a white t-shirt or a graphic tee, you can pair it with any color denim jacket and black skinny jeans or light washed jeans will go well with it. You can also wear a hoodie underneath to layer the piece. This screams comfort and style. Imagine you’re in the city and you’re exploring different places, who knows what cutie you’ll meet along the way! The look is very approachable. 

In this video, Cassie is wearing a pink denim jacket. It looks like a light peachy pink color. It’s nice to add color for the fall. Another great thing about this jacket is that it’s oversized so you will have a more relaxed look. Her jacket was thrifted but I found a similar pink jacket at Forever 21! Ricci has a blue denim jacket with fleece inside for extra warmth. If you’re a freeze baby, you might need this jacket for the fall and winter. This jacket went past her waist so it is a long jacket but it’s also a comfortable one. Ricci bought hers at Oak and Fort. Oak and Fort are located in California, Canada, Illinois, and New York, as their website states. Cassie and Ricci linked a similar jacket from Urban Outfitters.

On the Urban Outfitters website, the jacket is a Levi’s Type III Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket and it costs $129. When Ricci wore the jacket, I immediately thought of walking in the snow with that piece with a beret or a beanie, light blue jeans and knee high black boots. Just that image gets me excited for the winter, especially if you’re holding a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows inside. 


Blazers are always a great idea, especially if you want to look like a boss. You can style the blazer with professionalism or having a casual look. Cassie loves a blazer from Eggie, which is a clothing line created by Jenn Im. It is a long blazer where the right half of the blazer is a dark black with white stripes and the collar is grey with white stripes. The other half of the blazer is grey with white stripes and the collar is a dark black with white stripes. There is a belt buckle around the waist as well. The belt reminds me of a seat belt. This particular blazer is no longer sold from Eggie, but there are other blazers from the line. Ricci’s blazer is a white blazer with black stripes. She bought hers from Asos. Ricci is wearing the blazer with a white v-neck tank top and light blue jeans. She looks like a girl boss. You can wear this outfit to work or when you’re grabbing a drink with your friends. 

Trench Coats

Cassie picked out a long dark green trench coat from Oak and Fort. The coat is giving me NYC vibes. It reminds me of Blair Waldorf’s character from Gossip Girl, very classy and ties a casual look together. She’s paring the coat with a white top and light blue jeans. The coat helps elevate the look. Ricci has a beige trench coat. She thrifted it and the brand is London Fog. The brand name suits the coat since it reminded me of Big Ben. Imagine you’re on the sidewalk looking up at Big Ben and you’re wearing this beige trench coat with a black shirt and dark blue jeans. You’ll continue to look stylish even in another country. 


The first sweater Cassie shared is a black sweater with graphics of words such as Kodak in various forms of designs. Cassie bought it when Kodak had a collab with Forever 21. She paired it with a bright blue beanie. Ricci shared a grey turtleneck sweater. She cut her sweater so it could become a cropped sweater. Her grey sweater reminds me of winter when you’re patiently waiting for Santa so you could give him milk and cookies. She paired it with grey sweatpants.

I could see someone wearing this outfit while laying on top of their bed, watching Netflix and eating popcorn. This turtleneck was also thrifted. The second sweater Cassie shared is a navy blue sweater with the words Carhartt written in white. This sweater is thrifted. Cassie bought the sweater in the size 2XL for style and comfort. When she wore it, it looked like it could’ve been an off the shoulder sweater. Pair this sweater with light blue jeans and converse and you look like you’re a sporty gal. I can imagine Cassie with a skateboard while wearing this outfit. 

The second sweater Ricci shared is a green polo sweater that she cropped. She thrifted this sweater too. You can wear this green cropped sweater with round glasses, light blue jeans and a black purse and you’re off to go shopping. 

Sherpa Coats 

You’re probably wondering what is a sherpa coat? Sherpa is made from polyester, acrylic, or cotton. Sometimes a sherpa coat will be called a ‘faux shearling’, since it is similar to wool-lined clothing that was worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal. Cassie showed a light brown sherpa coat. It does look like wool so you can imagine the heat it brings. She bought this coat from Oak and Fort. With this coat, it feels like you never left your bed. It’s a long coat as well. Cassie wore this coat with a cropped white tank top and light blue jeans. You can cozy up next to a fireplace with a good book with this coat. For an affordable find, Ricci found her white sherpa hoodie at walmart. When Ricci wore the white sherpa hoodie, she looked like an adorable teddy bear. She also had a white shirt and light blue jeans to pair with the hoodie. I can imagine Ricci in an igloo with this outfit since it’s chic yet comfortable. 


I love wearing hats, especially beanies! They come in all colors and fits everyone well. I have quite a few beanies myself. My favorite is the grey beanie since I can pair it with any outfit. Also, I love that beanies are unisex so guys and girls can wear them. Cassie didn’t enjoy wearing beanies before but now she’s in love with them. She is wearing a black cuffed beanie her friend gave her. The beanie is from Herschel. The cuff sits on top of your head, a bit around your ears and around the forehead. Another beanie Cassie showed is a bright blue beanie from Neff. You can find these beanies at stores like Zumiez or any skate shops near you. I can see someone wearing these beanies with a graphic tee and jeans while skating. That someone is me. 


Who doesn’t love looking and feeling comfortable? You can lounge around the house with these pants, go grocery shopping, or hanging out by the ocean. Ricci is wearing high waisted grey sweatpants. She thrifted these pants. You can wear grey sweatpants, grey sweater, biker boots and you’re all set for fall!


 Of course, what is a fall outfit without boots! They keep your feet warm while looking stylish on the go. Cassie loves combat boots. Her boots are from Asos. These boots are so comfortable, you can walk around in these for hours. Cassie loves pairing the boots with cargo pants and dress pants. She’s imagining roaming around a pumpkin patch or stepping on fall leaves in these boots. 


Ricci is wearing a forest green vest she bought from Joe Fresh. It is a long sleeved green vest and she’s exuding fall vibes. She’s wearing the forest green vest with a black shirt and light blue jeans. Imagine wearing this outfit while drinking apple cider on your front porch and the breeze is hugging you while you smile towards the sky. She said this jacket won’t give you too much heat since it is a thin material. If you’re into an edgy vibe then you can wear a leather vest. Ricci got her sleeveless leather vest from Zara. You can wear this leather vest with a black shirt and light blue jeans while riding a motorcycle. You can feel the wind on your face and breathe in and out. 

Belt Bags 

Are you a woman on the go and want to take your essential items with you? You can wear a belt bag. It can go around your waist while pairing it with your favorite outfit. It is a small bag so you can only bring the items you absolutely need. You can take your phone and wallet and you’re all set. Ricci has a leather belt bag she bought from OhHeyGirlStore. I am really excited to wear my fall outfits on a windy autumn day. Although I am sad to see summer leave, especially since I’ve been skating more. Now, it’s goodbye summer and hello fall!

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