Five Reasons Nimble Made is at the Forefront of Asian-American Fashion


Nimble Made is a men’s actually slim fit dress shirt brand launched by Asian American business partners and couple, Tanya Zhang and Wesley Kang. 

  1. They create “Actually Slim” sizes: Nimble Made actually slim dress shirt sizes are a function of height & weight with trimmed measurements across the chest, back, waist, sleeve, and shirt length. Nimble Made recognizes that traditional menswear retailers average sizes to cater to a mass market, which makes the industry “Slim” still ill-fitting for many. So they created their own sizes that range from N1 (smallest) to N5 (largest), inspired by and for slimmer Asian Americans.

  2. It’s cofounded by Asian Americans who couldn’t find their own size: “I just wanted shirts that fit,” said Nimble Made co-founder Wesley Kang, previously at Citi and e-commerce startup Vroom. “Working in finance, I had to wear a dress shirt every day—but as a slimmer Taiwanese-American man, it was always hard to find a dress shirt that fit my body well. I could never express myself in a proper and professional way.”</spanstyle=”font-weight: 400;”>“My immigrant father worked so hard to bring our family to the states, and I couldn’t even find a dress shirt that fit him well. I remember him saying, American dress shirts don’t fit me”, shared Nimble Made co-founder Tanya, previously at Ernst & Young. “My slimmer Asian-American friends had the same issue. They couldn’t find a good quality dress shirt that fit without needing to tailor, shopping in the junior’s section, or paying a premium for it”

  3. They create opportunities for AAPI talent: Nimble Made strives for more Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) representation in fashion by collaborating with diverse photographers, videographers, models,bloggers,and designers to create the Nimble Made brand together.

  4. Their dress shirts are Value for Value”: Nimble Made dress shirts are $80 and under because it believes a mission-driven brand and quality products shouldn’t translate to high mark-ups for the consumer. Nimble Made offers competitive pricing in the traditional dress shirt industry and offers free shipping, exchanges, and returns.

  5. Products crafted through cultural awareness: With Nimble Made, co-founders Tanya and Wesley want to drive awareness of Asian culture through the lens of thoughtfully crafted goods. Each dress shirt is named after a symbol of their Asian culture like their blue twill weave dress shirt, the Grand Canal, named after the longest river flowing through Asia. Nimble Made dress shirts are made of 100% long-staple cotton for high-quality menswear that is breathable and comfortable. All dress shirts are machine washable & easy-iron for durability that lasts.

Nimble Made is a size-inclusive brand, founded by Asian American entrepreneurs, striving for diversity and representation in fashion. Get 15% off with code: OAMAG15

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