What’s In Their Bag?

Most people take their bags everywhere. It’s an expression of who they are. Bags, like humans, are unique and different. The appearance of a bag can show others their style. For instance, a colorful bag can be worn by someone who’s artistic, extrovert, creative and loves to try out new places. The content in a bag can change depending on what a person needs. If you’re a reader, you’re sure to have at least one book either a digital or physical copy, music lovers need earbuds to sway along to and a photographer needs at least one camera on hand. If you’re like me, you like to switch out your bag. I have multiple bags I’ve accumulated over the years and am trying to use them. I like to turn to YouTube to see what people are putting in their bags. Mainly because I want to be inspired and use it for my own bag. The other reason is because I can be nosy. But, it is fun seeing other peoples’ bags and the contents inside it. 

Shay Mitchell’s Bag 

I think we’ve all loved her from Pretty Little Liars. She is an amazing actress and she has her own YouTube channel. On her channel she shares her style, makeup tips and brings her humor to them. 

1st bag


She was in a Refinery29 video so she could spill what’s in her bag. If you didn’t know, Shay Mitchell has a travel essentials line called Beis. On her website, everything in the line such as the luggage and bags look really classy and chic, just like Shay. Shay is showing us what she travels with. She’s rocking her Weekender Bag in the color beige. The price for the weekender bag is $88 and it’s definitely worth the price. It’s a medium to large bag that can fit lots of content. I actually have this bag but will use it on my upcoming trip to California. I will say the inside is really big so you can fit almost anything you desire. 

Cosmetic Case 

She has her black cosmetic case in black from her line, which is $48, in her weekender bag. In the case she has Kao Megurism Steam Hot Eye Mask. You can buy the lavender sage infused eye mask on Amazon for $23.99 for 14 sheets. This product is imported from Japan. Since it’s a steam hot eye mask, it’ll warm the mask up to 140 degrees Farenhiet. The steam and warmth relaxes the eyes. Whenever Shay goes on an airplane, she always uses an anti-bacterial wipe to make sure the area is clean in order for her to sit down. She will not sit still if she doesn’t wipe it down first because you never know how much bacteria is around you. Cleaning the area is just a precaution. She also has toothpaste and earbuds in her case. For larger planes, there are TV screens so passengers can listen to music or watch TV. On international flights, they give you earbuds but if you want to use your own, you can bring your earbuds. She has a mirror and you can use it to check your teeth, do your makeup or see how dark your undereyes are. 

Snack Bag and Essentials

Shay has a Balenciaga bag inside her weekender bag. This bag contains lots of snacks and that’s important when you’re on a plane because it’s better to bring snacks you actually like. She really loves spicy food and will try out any food that’s spicy. Another spicy food she has is wasabi and soy sauce blue diamonds almonds, where you can buy at your local grocery store. She also has maple pecans, which I would love to try since it sounds amazing. Crazy 8 is her game and said no one can beat her at crazy 8’s, especially if she’s playing her deck. She has more hot sauce, sriracha, and even a mini hennessy. If you’re bringing a phone then you might as well bring a portable charger and that’s what Shay brings as well. She even labels all of her portable charger so she can keep track of them. She has a face mask as well and no, it’s not the mask regarding skincare. This face mask you can wear around your mouth in order to not spread germs, especially if you’re sick and you don’t want others to get sick as well. It’s helpful on the plane because you’re in a confined space with other people. 

2nd bag Even though she put her snacks in her balenciaga bag, she also has a portable fridge locker in her second bag. She calls it her “snack jail.” It’s sold on Amazon for $13.40. 

Snack Jail Her snack jail contains some of the most scrumptious sounding delicacies. She has truffle chips, mac and cheese, cookies, chocolates and chips. Wow, these are amazing treats to have on a plane! In my experience, whenever I fly on a plane to a different state, all I get are pretzels and since I’m not a fan of it, I let my parents have them. Next time I’m on a plane, I should bring all my favorite snacks. 

Shruti Haasan’s Makeup Bag


Shruti is an Indian film actress and singer. She showed us what’s in her makeup bag in a video she did with PinkVilla on YouTube. No one likes flat hair, that’s why she keeps IGK Beach Club Hair Sprayaround. She even demonstrated on her own hair. It’s available at Sephora and works well with straight, curly, wavy, coiled and tightly coiled hair. This spray does not contain salt. It provides beachy waves and you can build up how much volume you’d like. It’s $29 at Sephora. Shruti loves looking contoured so that’s why she uses Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Truffle. On the Sephora website, it describes Truffle as a very deep shade with neutral undertones. The price is $25 per match stix. It is cream based so it blends easily into your skin. The purpose of contour is to bring some dimension to your face. Everyone’s skin tone is different so you should find a contour shade that works for you. Her face tends to get oily, especially in the warmer weather so she uses Mac Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, which is $29 on Mac Cosmetics website. It’s a silky consistency that sets your makeup and helps reduce shine. It’s great for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive skin. Some people may use a brush to use the powder but Shruti uses a beauty blender. Mascara is a must for her so she carries one wherever she goes. She uses the Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes. It can be purchased at Sephora and Charlotte Tilbury’s website. The mascara is a 5-1, meaning it gives you curl, separates your lashes, volumize, lengthen the lash and gives it a dramatic effect. On the official website, it costs $29 and is in the color glossy black. Her favorite lip is Bobbi Brown’s Soft Rose lipstick shade but it has been discontinued. Instead she uses dark colors from lime crime liquid lipsticks. On their website it’s $20 and she said it doesn’t dry out her lips. She loves to have rosy cheeks so she has Heaven’s Hue Highlighter from Stila, which costs $32. Even though it’s a highlighter, you can use it as a blush as well. 

Inspired By The Bags

Watching these types of videos made me inspired to narrow down what I would like to carry in my own bag on a daily basis. These ladies carry makeup bags or purses but I carry a backpack. My backpack is from Liza Koshy merch. Like Shay, I’ve learned to carry a phone charger everywhere I go. I tend to check my phone constantly and play games on it so my battery dies quickly. Now, I take it with me everywhere so I can play more games or use a map if needed. I carry a small wallet and coin purse in case I need to buy food or a milkshake. Since I’m a book lover, I carry at least one book. I’m currently reading Out Of A Far Country by Christopher Yuan and Angela Yuan. The book is about a gay son’s journey to God and a broken mother who’s trying to find hope. Sometimes I carry a Bible and a Jesus Calling book, it’s a 365 devotional book. Whenever I need to plan my day or make sure I follow through with something, I carry a planner from Lavendaire. I absolutely love this planner, you can make a to do list, say what you’re grateful for and what your wins are for the day. Of course I have my keys, phone and a film camera. Watching these videos inspired me to incorporate some of their belongings and I had to tailor it to my needs as well. It’s fun feeling inspired, especially if you have multiple bags like I do and are looking to put the bag to use.

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