Jade is a social entrepreneur and current CEO at X8 media, an influencer marketing agency that works with tech platforms and civic movements. She also founded an incubator program CRE8, an organization that recruits and mentors early staged creators to generate jobs and stimulate entrepreneurship. With over 500k+ fans and followers, her personal brand focuses on social media growth and motivation. Her content exceeds 15 Million views via YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. She started the millennial entrepreneurship podcast The Raisn Brand in December 2017. Then received the "Creator on The Rise" feature on YouTube Trending Worldwide. Her beliefs include, human centered influence and wealth distribution in the creator economy (the 20% solution).

Create Space For De-Stressing


At times we are burnt out, overwhelmed and exhausted. Since we live in a society where not working isn’t an option, we feel like we have to overwork our minds in order to achieve success. It’s hard to achieve a goal when our minds aren’t working properly. That’s why we should all create a self-care routine. If you have a busy life, you can implement at least one or two things into your life. What you choose to do is up to you.I’ve learned how to take care of my mind, body, and heart. I have implemented a self-care routine and things I’ve been longing to do, and just take action. YouTube is a great place to watch other people’s self-care routine so we can have an idea of we’d like to do for ourselves. Just because a routine works out for them, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. That doesn’t mean you should give up and quit having one, it’s still important to take care of yourself. Put yourself first and then take life by storm.

One of the YouTubers I enjoy watching is Amy Lee, a Korean vlogger speaks on various topics such as talking about acne, skincare routine, how to deal with stress, and 6 reasons why she doesn’t own a tv. Her channel is about being kind to yourself, a bit about beauty such as makeup and helping people grow as human beings. She talks about her own experiences, which really helps others feel like they aren’t alone. When I first watched about self-care and YouTubers’ favorites of the month, I couldn’t stop watching her videos. There’s something about her authenticity and her topics that makes wonder about her as a person. Plus, she has great recommendations on books and music and her advice is something I’ve needed to hear.

How To Deal With StressBy Amy LeeFeel It, Accept It, and Recognize It
The only way we can figure out how we’re feeling is to feel the emotion, accept what emotion we’re feeling and we need to recognize it. We can walk through life blindly ignoring how we feel and pretend we are okay. We can pretend we are okay with being stressed, overworked, sad, and not accomplished. If we pretend then we aren’t growing as humans. We would stay stagnant. It’s like if an adult has the mind of a child, they wouldn’t understand what they’re feeling or how to take care of themselves. It’s important recognize our feelings so we can learn how to deal with it. Lee loves the quote, “Feel the feeling but don’t become it.” It’s okay to absorb emotions but it’s not okay to let it control our daily lives. We should all learn how to take control of our lives and our health.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Lee uses a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). On The Tapping Solution website, it is said the negative emotions we feel can affect our health. We can try to let go of the pain, addictions or phobias by tapping on your meridian points with the tips of your fingers.It’s best to feel the emotion and accept it while tapping on your meridian points. You will focus on problems you have and tap 5-7 times each on 12 of the body’s meridian points. One of the meridian points are located at the side of your hands, so put your hand out like you’re karate chopping wood and there’s one of your points and tap on your flesh. The next point is where your eyebrow begins, tap and go down to the side of the eye then underneath the eye and nose. If you’re interested, you can go to YouTube to learn more about the points and what EFT can do for your health.  

Take a Deep Breath
If you continue your duties for the day but haven’t had a break while being stressed out, you will break down. Perhaps you’ll break down within a day, hour, or even a week from now. If you’re so stressed and haven’t taken care of yourself and your needs then your patience will deteriorate. When feeling stressed, just take deep breaths and remember you are in the present. Look around you and remember the end goal. It isn’t to make yourself burn out. I’ve been told I look too far in the future. I haven’t looked at what’s happening now and have wished we were already in the future. Of course I’d like to see how I am 20 years from now but I haven’t stopped and looked at life. Life is so beautiful and there are many things I’ve enjoyed. Learn more about yourself and life one step at a time.You can’t change a situation if you haven’t recognized your feelings. Life is tricky and we can’t figure out what’s going to happen next. So why bother worrying about it. Also, taking deep breaths can help reduce stress and anxiety.

CBD Oils
Lee uses CBD oil. After she said she uses CBD oil, I thought, “Wait. Isn’t that in marijuana? The kind of drug that gets you high?” I was suspicious of it at first but she explained that CBD doesn’t get you high. It helps to keep your mind and body balanced.The bottle has a dropper so it looks like something from a science lab. She puts it on her tongue for 30 seconds then swallows it. Before going to sleep, she drinks CBD tea and since it has chamomile, it’s soothing so it’s easier to get yourself to sleep. Lee states people use CBD oil to help chronic illness, muscle pain, stress and sleep.

Essential Oils
Lee uses a Sage Wellness Soothing Blend in a rollerball. It’s for distressing and it’s travel friendly. The oil she’s using is $40 but you can buy the oil from anywhere, especially a drugstore. The idea is to put the oil in your hands, breathe into the oil and take deep breaths. People use different essential oils for various reasons. For example, lavender helps with stress and insomnia, rose can help with muscle tightness and tea tree helps with wounds. If interested, pick an essential oil that works best for you. 

There are times when we can’t sleep so we avoid it, such as watching Netflix, going out with friends at 3 a.m. or even if your mind is racing in the middle of the night. It can be annoying because we always say we want to sleep earlier but then we never do. Getting your full 8 hours of sleep can really help you stay focused and you might have a better attitude towards life.We get grumpy when we don’t get enough sleep so what if we all had enough sleep? Then we would achieve more in a day rather than procrastinating.This subtopic also reminded me of when nurses work so much they don’t get enough sleep. What if they’re so tired during a surgery that they make a mistake and the patient dies or has a complication? That would be on them and it would be their fault.If you set a goal for what you want to achieve for the day, it’s best to actually do it rather than thinking about it. That’s the same with sleep. We may think we don’t have time to sleep but we should all make time. We don’t have enough time sounds more like an excuse.

An hour before you go to bed, try meditating, reading or even listening to a podcast. At least your time isn’t wasted by scrolling through social media and your mind will be ready for the next day.

Trust the Process 
As humans, we are always worrying about what will happen next. We never trust that life has got our back. Stay calm and think positively even though it’s hard and just trust that life won’t let you down.There’s no reason why we should be worried because if things don’t happen as we’d like then we just spent our time worrying rather than be productive.“Things aren’t happening to you, they are happening for you.” It’s easy to think life hates us and give rude people the success but if you’re a good person and you’re trying to make things happen. Your goals will be achieved one day at a time.I have a hard time trusting the process because I want to get to the good parts in life without experiencing the bad parts. As long as you have a mind and can think for yourself, you’ll be set for life. Trust that life will work with you and worrying is just a waste of time.With the advice presented in the video, I will absorb it and act on it. I get stressed out because as a recent grad, all of my friends are getting interviews and jobs while I’m waiting to receive an email for an interview. I do have a part-time job where I am stressed out but then I take deep breaths as well.It’s hard to let go because I’m an overthinker. I like things to happen right away when life is a journey. Nothing great happens immediately. So, I have to remember I’ll be okay. No matter what I am still an excellent person. I am honest, kind, intelligent and have many talents. As long as I’m working on my goals, there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you haven’t even attempted to reach for goals or dreams then perhaps it’s time to start. 

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