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Clean Beauty Products Perfect For Spring

Can you believe it’s already March? That means spring is almost here and so is more sunshine! When the flowers bloom in the spring, it’s a wonderful reminder that it’s possible to change inside and out – everyday is a new beginning. If you want to experiment with your outfits and skincare and makeup routine then you can do that too! It’s important to work toward your goals but it’s never a bad idea to take care of yourself while doing it!

Whenever I think of spring, I think of new beauty products and outfits! One cloudy Saturday, I remembered that if I wanted to continue wearing makeup, I would need a cleansing balm – and my Clinique cleansing balm is almost finished. I head to my nearest Sephora with the intention of purchasing just one item. 

One of the employees asked, 

“Are you finding everything okay?”

 I responded with “yes.” 

Then she noticed the cleansing balm in my hand and said, 

“I know you have the Clinique cleansing balm in your hand but have you tried the Farmacy cleansing balm?”

 “No, I have not.” 

Then she said she liked the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm even better because it wasn’t as oily. It was only a $4 difference so I said, “Okay, I’ll give it a try!” 

I walked around and noticed a lot of products and brands I haven’t seen before such as the brand Tower 28, which claims to be suitable for sensitive skin and Playa, which sells hair care products. 

I decided to purchase the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm, Tower 28 SuperDew, which is a shimmer-free highlight balm, Glow Recipe Watermelon Lip Pop, Playa Endless Summer Spray, and Tower 28 Save Our Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray. 

I had never tried any of these products before so I was excited to try them out! For reference, I have combination (simultaneously oily and dry) hair and sensitive skin. All of these brands are Clean at Sephora. According to the website, Clean at Sephora is formulated without a list of over 50 ingredients, including sulfates (SLS and SLES), parabens, phthalates, and more.

Wavy Beach Hair 

Ever since I first saw beachy, wavy hair, I have been obsessed with the look. My hair is usually straight or at least a little wavy at the end but I want to achieve that beach hair look. It’s a beautiful and effortless look, especially for spring and summer. There have been many hair products that claim they could help you achieve that look. The Playa Endless Summer Spray is one of them. On Sephora’s website, it states this product is great for straight, wavy and curly hair. It’s a textured hair spray with an ingredient of sea salt that helps give you that perfect tousled look. 

This product also states that it can help enhance your hair’s natural curl, boosts hair volume and shields hair from any environmental damage. On the website, it said most texture sprays use alcohol, which dries and damages your hair but this spray uses chia seed extract, which helps enhance your original texture without drying out your hair. The sea salt in this product is harvested in Southern California. This spray contains beta-carotene, which protects the hair and scalp from the sun and environmental damage. The product is described to have a scent with notes of black coconut, orange blossom, fresh sandalwood and pacific musk. This is cruelty-free and formulated without gluten. 

The packaging is sleek, chic and is perfect. Especially for when you’re on the go. Since the packaging is white, I do fear it will get dirty really quickly. The brand name, Playa is in rose gold, which happens to be one of my favorite colors. On the right side, it says, “Natural California Beauty.” If you look on the back of the packaging, you can recycle the bottle at playabeauty.com. On Playa’s website, it states,“By helping our customers easily recycle their purchases, our hope is to aid in the prevention of virgin plastic production and prevent more plastic waste from ending up on our beaches.” 


When I opened the cap to take a whiff of the scent just to see if I have to actually spray it in order for me to smell it or see if it’ll be strong enough to smell it through the nozzle without needing to spray it first. I can tell you that it’s strong enough to smell it through the nozzle. I can smell notes of coconut, orange blossom, sandalwood and musk. When I smell it, it takes me to an imaginative place of exploring a rainforest or a mountain while swaying my hair side to side while looking up at the sky. Oh, what a scene I’d love to be in. It’s a very pleasant smell. 

This product instructs you to spray throughout damp or dry hair and apply it to the exposed areas of the scalp for natural sun protection. This spray is $24 and the size is 3.65 oz/108 ml. 

I used this after I washed my hair while it was damp. I sprayed all over my hair and it smelled amazing. I wasn’t sure if it did anything too noticeable for my hair but it smelled great. I’ve seen people use textured spray on damp hair and put it into braids or buns then sleeping with their hair like that. I did blow dry my hair upside down and when I got back up, I saw my hair was voluminous. Perhaps it was the combination of blow drying my hair upside down and the spray. Instead of braids, I tied it in a ponytail and when I woke up, I could see more wavy strands and still made my hair look good.My hair also looked shiny and moisturized, I liked how it looks, even if it didn’t make my hair wavy look like the effortless beachy hair I had imagined. A lot of people had said in the reviews that they’ve put their hair in a bun in order to achieve the look so I need to practice on putting my hair into a bun. 

Even though tying my hair into a ponytail didn’t work, braiding my hair while it was damp did. All I did was dry my hair with a towel, sprayed and scrunched my hair, then put it into braids and waited a couple of hours! I am not good with braids but I did my best anyways! That definitely worked and my hair now looks like I’m beach ready! My hair feels soft, has volume and is wavy! This is a great spray to purchase. 

We all need to have a great face mist, it keeps our skin hydrated. I chose the Tower 28 face mist because it’s best for all skin types, including sensitive skin. On Sephora’s website, it said this product is great for daily usage and it features hypochlorous acid, which is a natural compound already found in the body’s internal defense system. This acid is found in your white blood cells and helps defend your body from any bacteria that could be harmful to you. If you have uneven texture, acne, blemishes, redness and dull skin, this product is suitable for you. It also states this is a lightweight liquid and is alcohol-free, fragrance-free, oil-free and hypoallergenic. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and you can recycle the packaging. This costs $12 for the travel size and has 1 oz/30 ml. I wanted to try out the spray to see how well it works. You can use this spray in the morning and at night. 

I sprayed four times on my face and it felt so hydrating. When you press on the nozzle once, it’ll spray two times in a row. My face felt like I was walking in a rainforest. It is that hydrating. There’s no particular scent when I sprayed it on my face. I did mist my arm to see if there was a scent but it just smelled like fresh, clean water. I was on five hours of sleep and I woke up really tired. After using this, my mind was alert and I am ready for the day. My face did feel soft after spraying. It is a great product. I will note that the cap can make it hard to open and close. When you try to open the cap, it’ll feel like you’re yanking on a chain. It is that tough. It does show that it’s secure so when you put it in your bag, you won’t have the fear of it spraying your other items. 

Face sprays are hydrating and so is the Watermelon Glow Lip Pop from Glow Recipe.. The packaging is really cute and feminine. The bottom portion is a light pink. You can see through the spiral on the inner portion of the product to see the lip pop. The lip pop does have a slight watermelon scent and it’s not too overpowering. When you twist the product, you can see there are dots that represent seeds in a watermelon. 

This product said it’s a “three-in-one-scrub that smooths, hydrates, and tints lips in a universal pop of pink.” This is great for normal, oily, combination and dry skin. It’s even better to use this if you have dry, dull, and uneven texture. Some of the ingredients are mouth-watering such as watermelon extract, which helps with hydration, gives the needed vitamins and helps soothe. There is coconut in here as well. The coconut flower sugar helps hydrate and provides the exfoliation to remove the dead skin, the coconut oil helps prevent dryness and flakiness. This product is vegan and cruelty-free. This product sounds like it’s “your lips but better” type of deal so I am excited to try it! The price is $22 and is 0.1 oz/3.1 g. 

There are two suggestions on how you can use this. You can use this as an everyday treatment so you can take this with you wherever you go and reapply as needed for that smoothing effect and a pop of color. It also states you can apply three coats to build up the color. You can also use this as a primer before you use any lip products. 

I like to keep things natural so I would rather use this on it’s own. With one swipe, it’s moisturizing like a lip balm and has a nice shine. You can smell the scent even after you put it on your lips. I used three swipes to see the full effect and is a much more pink color. It truly is like your natural lips but better. I found that the more I used the lip pop, the more it had a rough texture like a sugar scrub. Even though I’m not a fan of the texture, It is very hydrating. 

If you want natural, glowing cheeks, use a highlighter! Highlighters come in different colors so you can go crazy with a green or keep it simple with a clear but still glowy highlighter. I purchased the Tower 28 SuperDew Shimmer-Free Highlight Balm. The main reason I bought this was because it has no shimmer and I wanted to see how dewy it’d make my skin look! People with normal, dry, combination and oily skin can use this. You can also use this if you have dry, dull and uneven texture. This is a lightweight cream formula and has ingredients such as aloe vera extract to hydrate and soothe skin and green tea extract to help calm your skin. This is vegan-free, cruelty-free and gluten-free. This is supposed to help keep your skin look dewy while keeping your skin look healthy. The cost is $18 and is 0.158 oz/4.5 g. 

My makeup look was natural. I had foundation, bronzer, blush, setting powder, lip pop and highlighter. The consistency of the highlighter was like vaseline, which I thought was interesting. You could see the shine of the highlighter and it truly is shimmer-free. 

If you’re going to wear makeup, you need a good makeup remover. Personally, I enjoy using a cleansing balm. It’s long lasting and more efficient when removing makeup. I used the Clinique cleansing balm and it was fantastic although it was very oily. I didn’t mind because I wanted the makeup off and fast. I was told by a Sephora employee that the Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm was better, had a nicer scent and is less oily. 

When she said less oily, I was sold. I was tired of the oily feeling and this did smell nice. The scent is not overpowering, it’s just a hint of a clean mint fragrance.. It is a beautiful light green color which makes it look like matcha. Since the packaging is white, it has an expensive appearance to it. It has three different fonts that are still readable and a cute flower to the left side. This product is said to be a makeup remover and a cleanser so it can melt your makeup so it makes it easier to take off and it is supposed to leave your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. This is suitable for dry, combination, normal and oily skin. This is a cream formula. Some of the ingredients are sunflower and ginger root oils that help melt makeup without drying your skin, turmeric and moringa extract that fights the effects of pollution, removes impurities and has sunscreen residue, and contains papaya enzymes which exfoliate the pores. This does come with a little spoon so you don’t  have to stick your fingers in the jar to help make it more sanitary. 

I really love this cleanser. It was less oily, smelled nice and made me feel relaxed and took off all of my makeup. I would purchase this again over the Clinique cleansing balm. It is that good and made my skin very supple and soft. 

Those are the new products I’ve purchased from Sephora and it did not disappoint. These are a must-try, especially for spring and summer.

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